Egyptian PM: 'Bad Sign' If America Cuts Military Aid

Hazem el-Beblawi says his country will survive if United States pulls financial support.
2:18 | 08/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Egyptian PM: 'Bad Sign' If America Cuts Military Aid
The US have a little -- here. I assume they have some influence like anyone's guess we part of this world we couldn't live. Put them be cut whom what is happening outside we have it just. And we think we part of it so I come -- Exclude some the effect to that we leave the United States as much humans and its needs us we need to the UP and we need the easiest. This is. We believe that this country it's awful when -- open let us. What if the US cuts. Military. This will be. Betty. That's signed between definitely affect. Admitted that -- for some time but. Nothing. People -- at least one of the benefit to be human you can survive. And why am I that was don't forget that Egypt -- who is the question. Many didn't support the -- with the kids and then. We survived. So there's no end to life. You can -- -- different. Circumstances how would you react to the United States that happened if military aid -- I think it's. It is. Not easy to predict what to bring you would do waited until you see in what context. So I don't. Need to think. What exactly we -- -- this would depend. With. This action -- the action of our people -- actionable Courtney Brooks I think you had if you. Yes that they were they before. Some companies Indonesian and -- I or. These tests. By the fact is that the -- can -- Their confusion. -- -- -- Was the -- that assistance so -- -- I simply think it is -- we and thought we have to listen to what people we listen to what many of us to see how to to what effect. And a coordinated with the acts.

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{"id":20011591,"title":"Egyptian PM: 'Bad Sign' If America Cuts Military Aid","duration":"2:18","description":"Hazem el-Beblawi says his country will survive if United States pulls financial support.","url":"/International/video/egyptian-pm-bad-sign-america-cuts-military-aid-20011591","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}