Egypt's 'Day of Rage': Thugs Surround ABC News Team

Muhammad Lila describes challenges of covering the story while staying safe amid violence.
4:02 | 08/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Egypt's 'Day of Rage': Thugs Surround ABC News Team
-- -- obviously even in a very tense situation today and over the past couple of days away woods for journalists obviously this -- got to be incredibly. Difficult very dangerous to have enemy he hasn't decisions by just. How close you're going to go in there because it seems just like a sense. Of lawlessness. Sure I gotta say this and there are some journalists here who are doing fantastic. Work they're really putting their lives on the line to tell this story complicated story it's not just about 1% shooting the other they're really going all out. But I guess -- on a personal -- I'm not saying this as we did anything special today and saying this because I think my producer it was or it might -- states he -- recognized where and when the gunfire broke out today at Red Square. -- split second decision on how we can. Continue to cover this story while staying safe that decision was made a little while later my producer and I were actually. In a taxi. Go to another location -- we were surrounded by about sixty armed sides these are only young angry man and many of the match shotguns and pistols some of them had machetes and large -- he's surrounded the vehicle it -- -- -- started yelling at an Arabic accusing us of being spies. And you know it just -- it network -- you know that this is it we're now we're not getting out of this -- what it actually tried to force their way into our vehicle. By opening the doors thankfully the doors -- otherwise it would just got -- such sites in Arabic -- like the leader of the outsourcing nobody despite these despite I want to I would want to question him. Thankfully my producer who is so you know a lot of countries -- ABC -- very level -- she was able to convince and -- listen we are not affiliated with any -- he was able to calm him down and were eventually able to. -- to get out of that situation but you know it was so close to swing the other way and had -- been able to open that vehicle I definitely wouldn't be here talking here. I -- obviously what we can't thank you enough for. Putting yourself. In in such a situation like that and and I have to make this kind of decision is a it's a situation I think very few people could ever possibly imagine let alone. Be able to deal with it in reality and and -- before Mohammed -- let you go I wanted to ask you mean. With the volatility being at such -- heightened level that is that and it seems as if it is just it's a moment that anyone could just simply snapped. When you're in that situation like -- in -- senior relying on someone. That is watching this all unfold around them do you feel a sense that in fact you yourself. Maybe that driver -- -- -- and has a change of heart or someone that you -- you're working with closely and could it could get swept up into this. It's a very good question our actions here is very close knit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Even pressure each other in -- -- -- to put ourselves in danger. We try to make -- rational decisions as best as we can. -- and I think you know the one to one asset that that I realized today. It's helped a little bit. I like to tell me a little bit is that you know I I don't look what it typical. The North American Americans you would -- you wanna call it. Because -- my name come -- it and look it helps people and didn't little bits and and I got to tell you I honestly believe the only reason I'm here right now. Is because it looked that we had to do and that just shows you just -- dangers. Things are here -- journalists are recovering sort. While we are forever thankful obviously for -- making Smart decisions and I'm a senior safety is first and foremost on all of our minds here. -- ABC and of course throughout the country and throughout the world -- were watching. Just the intensity grow in Egyptair -- -- and Kyra thank you of course continued to stay safe for you and for the crew. A pitcher traveling and and working with now I think the gravity of the situation I mean despite the description and that you're give us I think it is just. Almost impossible to wrap your head around and and we we can't thank you enough.

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{"id":19984882,"title":"Egypt's 'Day of Rage': Thugs Surround ABC News Team","duration":"4:02","description":"Muhammad Lila describes challenges of covering the story while staying safe amid violence. ","url":"/International/video/egypts-day-rage-thugs-surround-abc-news-team-19984882","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}