Escaping Idomeni, Refugees Brave River Crossing

ABC's Molly Hunter reports thousands of refugees brave a rushing river to cross into Macedonia.
11:19 | 03/17/16

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Transcript for Escaping Idomeni, Refugees Brave River Crossing
Thanks a lot of it. I'm not. Are waiting right here and there's a line of police. And let's see if they're Greek police. That's. There's an academy harrowing and the crowd here that. Rights have crested people. I. Everything you do. I think he's my. I just beyond. Just be honest we've clients it's just acted and a couple hundred people early years. Waiting crappy just minutes ago not any 800 people Rodney of that river. It and everything. Right now aren't comfortable. Causing. But hundreds are waiting. We're sitting on creeks well right now but on the other side of that river where everything it's cracked him. That's getting beat but you volunteering helping children healthy women. Helping elegantly. People break Garrett. And they're trying to. Stay organized staying on the road. One bright line. Maybe you. They've made me feel could be. Pilot Philip lessons and hands on of them and one of them. A and I don't know. And now we'll. Yeah. And I thought hasn't gotten a long time. Trying to stay art and I knew that coming from politics back yeah. When I went acne you see it have a voluntary. In the water helping out. And so. I think couple hundred people down. Still coming down. And everyone just want it I really had. I'd really dramatic waters really cold. I let go bank profit. With it'd just timing. Still coming over. Signed here is trying to get remains reliant. You can be just hit. Coming at rod. Here in. Got his green. Here is not done yet and he left falling off that line right here. They're looking on economic. God thank god. And then again that's not a good time in the I'm money. And then and Macedonia from army says are taking people and that directing them. You. It brought them now. I. You know it yeah well mama among them. Yet many and many. Elaine. But I can enact enact have it. Maybe I'm. He's no rock. I was very scared from the what they're from better or it's what's wrong. But I'm not muzzled. Back got. I hope that we would reach art Bethany. Went back to thought. I want to beats Germany. In Germany. Let you go from here what. I want do go to Germany because its fifth and secure and I want to be there I want to go there but they're not. You. I have five children had I have my mother and Mike that there is with me know that we got like a big family at him and off at about. You. We are altogether if from the employment when did you leave Syria. Black market about Sylvia. I did because of the water and life it's about I did and that meant. When Montana out on the road. We went into an item it food and obviously. Thank side and that's and that's. I. Some adjustment down. They went away.

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{"id":37725778,"title":"Escaping Idomeni, Refugees Brave River Crossing ","duration":"11:19","description":"ABC's Molly Hunter reports thousands of refugees brave a rushing river to cross into Macedonia. ","url":"/International/video/escaping-idomeni-refugees-brave-river-crossing-37725778","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}