Europe battling second wave of COVID-19 as hospitals struggle to keep up

Belgian doctors are describing their situation as “a war zone” as Europe faces a surge in COVID-19 cases with countries such as France instituting new lockdowns to combat the spread.
4:17 | 10/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Europe battling second wave of COVID-19 as hospitals struggle to keep up
Meanwhile there are now 45 million corona virus cases recorded worldwide in 46%. Of new infections are in Europe. Doctors in Belgium described the situation there as a war zone patients have to share rooms and medical workers are warning. It's just a matter of days until the country runs out of icu beds. ABC news foreign correspondent James long is in Brussels joining us live now I'm Jay-Z I know you had a firsthand look. Inside one of the hospitals there what was that like. Out of military was quite shocking you know you me and the team we've all been discussing in recent. Weeks to small the second wave of my notes like whether lock downs are really necessary and tucks he'd be in that icu and to see the impact of the second wave. It was quite a thing and for adults is to say to us this is already was done the first wave just in terms of that capacity their ability. To deal with it because cases has spiked so quickly in such a short period of time you had there not X triple what's happening the United States. In Europe. It seems to be a couple of weeks ahead and Belgium is a serious serious situation at the IC we visited has tripled. The number of flights because of it patients in the lost three weeks. And could adult is there are now forced to work knowing that they are cultivate positive aspect for dove to them about how he feels but I said we have no choice because if we don't. The health system will go Wanda and that is why this country is considering putting the whole country into a national down their emergency meetings taking place today they've already come out with some pretty. Draconian measures like. Kind of putting these on the cover. Health agency was put together from business to business to make sure the people are abiding by the rules could issue thousand dollar fines if they died. Fundamentally the great issue decade is that. I just can't keep up with them. Indeed to moms I mean that a young a man in the eyes and I CU 75 year old man songs is birthday. And the good news laws is that he was getting better and a way that he wouldn't tops in Mon just like to his doctor he said. If it's not uncommon mosque because we were meant to making very quickly because we didn't have those steroids. His outcome would have been very different. Now he's getting back to but the fundamental point is that all still needed a bank announces the issue that countries across Europe and now grappling with the to moms and dads. They need beds and they need professionals to be a little work on them to I know that salsa. In short supply and and James this isn't Belgium is was one of the worst areas but I know the rest of Europe is also struggling. To contain this France's and another strict lockdown Germany is shutting down restaurants and bars starting on Monday. How are people reacting to all of this. And the economic and emotional consequences of how the lock downs already taking at all we've seen protests break out. Signals a different cities Italy basically in southern Italy we've seen a real push back against its people really suffering. But fundamentally. European leaders in despite pleas it's just. We bake. They're dealing with about forty to 50000 new cases a day in France amounts like president Matt calls decided. To institute this needle down missiles and extraordinary pictures of thousands of people from Paris Trenton. Frantically get out of this city so basically every street every road. In Paris gridlocked as people try to get out. Now will people criticize announcing of spreading of ours around the country but actually there's a suggestion that this is part of a friend strategy to kind of make sure that the risk is spread because no country is going to be able to get rid of content it soon hopefully they can do is spread the risk and it might be to that was what was going on. In Paris but I have to say. Fundamentally. There's a big issue of cool across Europe which is the middle of the testing. There hasn't been enough tracing and we've been in the last week to appeal to Paris to Italy to Brussels I live in London in every country that dating went to great issues. I like it paid messaging problem people. A kind of not understanding what it is the government won't sensitive. They're being tested but once the government and health services in these countries how this information that would be doing anything with it there is no tracing so whilst cases going up. We call full of them when a guy we don't know where people are got a minute when nor shall wax. He's kind of these infections are spreading in the wider community and I think that's the great tissue that Europe is dating with and head off a slow downs across this continent. The hopefuls during that time the governments would fix it test and Trace systems they did indeed out and so now lock downs moved to be inevitability the countries across here. I'm still struggling to manage this only months later James long an and Brussels thanks James.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"Belgian doctors are describing their situation as “a war zone” as Europe faces a surge in COVID-19 cases with countries such as France instituting new lockdowns to combat the spread.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"73924864","title":"Europe battling second wave of COVID-19 as hospitals struggle to keep up","url":"/International/video/europe-battling-wave-covid-19-hospitals-struggle-73924864"}