Experienced climbers detail dangers of Mt. Everest's overcrowded conditions

The recent deaths of 11 climbers and high volume of inexperienced climbers during a short climbing season have prompted a closer look at rules permitting entry.
3:56 | 05/29/19

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Transcript for Experienced climbers detail dangers of Mt. Everest's overcrowded conditions
We move overseas to Mount Everest. Where eleven people have died climbing to the summit because of serious overcrowding in experiencing. Typical weather conditions. I wanna go to James Longman who is in the palm. James I just want a nice you know here about what you've learned from the people. Who are making this track this dangerous track. Yet Kimberly I actually just spoke a few minutes ago eighteen million mile pose a they. Gut can nepalese. Tube was all mountain mountain. During this this the time that we Rubin speaking about when that is huge lines of people that increasingly. He's the guy that took about photo that went viral around a while back huge line. Cutting across Everest from. Had the Hillary step on the peak right the way down old lace people waiting to some it I'll stay in. What it was like being not met the old days people he is a very very experienced climb made actually doing a project labels declined. Fourteen. Mountains across this -- the world in seven months. They all have to be 8000 meters he fixed down and Everest was one of the mountains the he's doing this guy is a false climber he is an incredibly experienced climber. But he said he found the whole thing pretty extraordinary and it won stage. He says. As he was that in the middle of that queue of people he was Russia having to direct traffic as people coming down. And tried to get policy people arguing it will not safe situation doing some pulse about mountain you know you got two or three. Feet on either side of you and initiate draw. Of a thousand feet on either side a lot. Did people basically elbowing one another and so he got to say look guys stop me now ask you to come this way and allows you to come. This way I mean imagine you're talking eight and a half plus thousand meters up in the they're these souls of all humans. Going on I mean he was quite relaxed about it because again he that climate but he did say that he was quite surprising to see people that. He didn't have the experience he would have expected people who had never app sales before I mean and about you I have never up so hopeful but. A Bolton never tried to climb Everest I would imagine someone who is climbing Everest should have a kind of experience and he fed that bat back kind of radiated shock him. He was aiming to go from camp three to the the top of Everest full count full story to the top of Everest. In for an off hours it took him nine hours to do it because that was that would that many people that he didn't do is target of getting up to Everest as quick as possible. And that is not the risk announce what people possibly have perished on this particular trip in this particular climbing season because there waiting on the Cole the wait too long. And he said he was speeding in his fingers in his toes at one point actually he took his gloves off to take that picture that he still go frost bite now from having done it but. Oral Goudie Dade because it was quite extraordinary thing to say. Yes seeing that single file line on that steep slope is absolutely terrifying really quick before we go. Is there anything that's being done about the situation so people can be as safe as possible. When I spoke to representative from the nepalese government today in hue he he was. It was pretty adamant actually that this wasn't a major catastrophe a priest as a serious problem in of people die all the time when Everest unfortunately. Body said that they are government here on going to look at measures perhaps. Two to make sold it climate how. Minimum amount of experience the full they try and climb Everest we could say change. Between now and next chip called the climbing season has come to an end now so gonna have to wait 365 days. To see whether or not those changes have been made. He was adamant that this was a wed to issue more than anything because the weather. Basically. Only gave climb is a very small window to get to the summit and that's why you saw the crushed there the talk. And but we'll see next jail if those lines a pair again in the all right James thank you so much for the update fully appreciate that.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"The recent deaths of 11 climbers and high volume of inexperienced climbers during a short climbing season have prompted a closer look at rules permitting entry.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63351414","title":"Experienced climbers detail dangers of Mt. Everest's overcrowded conditions","url":"/International/video/experienced-climbers-detail-dangers-mt-everests-overcrowded-conditions-63351414"}