Eyewitness describes chaotic scene after Barcelona attack

"When I looked up, I saw the white van and it must have been doing 80 to 100 kph down a pedestrian walkway," the eyewitness described to ABC News.
2:47 | 08/17/17

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Transcript for Eyewitness describes chaotic scene after Barcelona attack
He had a chance to speak with an eyewitness who saw it all his story is very striking. And very graphic. The chicken sausage just struck it oh. Screening of people it looked as if and when I looked up sort of white batting and it must be made 2808200. On the pedestrian. Little awkward. And an engine or just you just knocking people over. IB. A new people and eventually could scapegoating and sort kind of stopped. Opposite to it was started. Which in the theaters and then and they could get going again sir shall be managed from the impact of the people. A particular people and it's going at which point we realized that was. You know cried a dangerous situation. Underinsured or that he opens stores where where these are essential it shot down. About thirty minutes and probably in the shall we that but stressing the fled on foot. We've we've been shot. Up the incident and go back if you try to get a call. Which all. Yeah and a and then the other. Gunshots so so we ran into a second believe we're at the construction work is. The since political agreement which. I can't come out of Vietnam in the walking trying to get back to the public it is the peace treaty in the area and understanding and bono's. Of one of the mine roads and I'm done and the increasing the book this is the nation and obviously you. Achieve the seat on the on the moment. And Brendan social when you runs that restaurant you know how this band came to a stop bitty crash. And what was the scene what you guys streets here. Xstrata stock I think just under the force of the people at one cruel. And they kept going I don't know what happens off all the what actual. Because we re ready to shop but we're not Sorgi was traveling at. That I you'd just or not can do people like you could hear the but that they're driving up cost. And then load O'Donnell O'Donnell wouldn't we literally thought so will be slow down when I get regular. And it sort of dentistry damage and it's difficult to secure Cordoba the front and artistry damaged. I'll be and it looked like it took it will wool almost a bit to the completely done on the back. And actually get that but that's really what stopped it but it get going. Will it stop it and get going again you can come and actually nine that's marketer of this rhetoric from from from the scene. That was Brent insisting a tourist who saw the entire thing happen.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"\"When I looked up, I saw the white van and it must have been doing 80 to 100 kph down a pedestrian walkway,\" the eyewitness described to ABC News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"49277685","title":"Eyewitness describes chaotic scene after Barcelona attack","url":"/International/video/eyewitness-describes-chaotic-scene-barcelona-attack-49277685"}