Eyewitnesses share accounts of Notre Dame Cathedral fire

Americans visiting Paris share their experiences witnessing the iconic landmark go up in flames.
6:01 | 04/16/19

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Transcript for Eyewitnesses share accounts of Notre Dame Cathedral fire
I wanna let you listen in to some Americans who are in Paris right now aid to the I just. Garrison looked at the window service you to go to school this morning. Within minutes from the settlement churches. Turns. Into don't want to. So this is. Sacking him. I hear it's. Unbelievable. So and I am a little speechless here. Like you could say to smoke from just about anyplace else. We had a Texan from mom a person of Brooklyn tests showed us a picture of it. They would connected to anyone that knows we okay. But that's everybody Brooke I was sick to my wife and where did make sure that we with a okay. It's it's devastating it's really you know it's. I mean I'm I'm a lapsed Catholic but I was raised Catholic and every year I come and I walked through deterioration you know it seems solemn to me you know and it's a loss to it's a loss in history it's lawless and ever anyway. OK so watching bad image of the spire toppling over on live TV. Was probably what it's probably going to mean burning people's memories forever but I don't think any thing it tops being there in person so I wanna go that Kelly way meant she was. There in pairs yesterday with her mother on a boat crews so Kelly you're on the phone with us I just want you to tell us what that experience was like. Seeing this iconic structure topple before your eyes. Let us know and gotten. I that encourage you are hardly started throwing. But people are department Orbitz. Dot. With the virus or with no matter what about how helpful the continent's. That won't look like it won't bottle with a roaring crack battle. Sticking dictate our. But bounced out is that all of traffic on the she more options. I don't know what ought broke up. Four. I expect it by. Our. Ordering food you know let it go. Out. And I. It. All right Kelli thank you so much had to and then pretty scary moment so I wanna go to Adam Ricard who's also on the phone he was a tour guide for two years. At the notes are dom and now he teaches and parents. Adam what what is your what are you making of all of this being that you have a more intimate experience with this cathedral. Well it it's a complete shock to the city and get everybody that I know. I mean that. That the closest. Thing that I can think go through this. Written and further hurt the experience of most of my friends attend something like September 11 where just a huge symbol of the city. That you thought was invincible and could never disappear. Has. Almost. Entirely collapsed in front of our eyes it's really shocking. Yet and so I'm just curious. Had you. Where you already acted notre dam when this was happening where you walking by you or is it something that you've heard about later and then you win over to see what was going on like where were you when it started. Read so I every day I walked home from work should. That. Around the time he started and my might walk take me along the banks of the sun river. There's a very pleasant walk in on time and should I started smelling smoke as low as I walked normally and each. I started seeing that plume of smoke coming from the carrier notre dom but people were really. We're really noticing other things I thought it must be nothing that are you know that must not be big deal. But other got closer. People started gathering and I actually went to a specific spot where saw a lot of people gathering. And from that spot just across the river from notre I could see the flames around making their way up this fire. And that's where I remained for the next. Almost five hours or so until until almost midnight I mean I right there at. Just after seven and I was I was there until midnight didn't move. While. I I can't imagine and how are you feeling today knowing that but no one was injured. Parts of the church. Haven't been saved and that there is great potential that it will be restored how does that make you. Feel. Well it. I mean it it it's clearly a tragedy for the city. But on a certain level. Today I've been thinking about how this news. That this kind of part of the history of notre dominate has pat. It has had damage to a before even aspire. Was built in the nineteen countries so if not it's not completely. On and on heard. So what I just think that it it it will be a huge change for this city it'll be a huge change for notre dumb. But it will be just one more piece in the in this story at notre bomb that will obviously continue. Collapsed lung into the future.

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{"duration":"6:01","description":"Americans visiting Paris share their experiences witnessing the iconic landmark go up in flames.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62434073","title":"Eyewitnesses share accounts of Notre Dame Cathedral fire","url":"/International/video/eyewitnesses-share-accounts-notre-dame-cathedral-fire-62434073"}