From Ferguson Missouri to the U.N. in Geneva

Michael Brown's Parents bring the case to a U.N. Committee.
7:52 | 11/12/14

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Transcript for From Ferguson Missouri to the U.N. in Geneva
Far from Ferguson Missouri the parents of Michael Brown take their case the police shooting other unarmed son all the way to the United Nations committee. In Geneva Switzerland they say they need justice and the world needs to know. It is very important for family. Make an oh how for skilled. Towards justice. Tunisia. As well we are neat deal. It's just. Slow. Michael Brown's father there in Geneva Switzerland hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York their testimony was given behind closed doors. All of this since we could find out any moment at the grand jury and Ferguson Missouri will indict the officer who shot Michael Brown. This past summer setting off weeks of protests. In that city. ABC's Ryan Smith joining us now with more on this story. Ryan this seems a bit rare US case like this make it all the way to a UN committee in Geneva Switzerland. It is the background on this. Well it is rare in many ways but what they're trying to do is bring attention to their case they've gone in front of the committee against torture. Which when you look at it is it is a division of the UN. That deals with the prohibition worldwide by UN members against torture so victims all over the country of torture can bring cases to this division. They look at it and they render a decision and can take action. With the UN member states so. What's interesting here is seems that a application was made and now they were testifying in front of that UN committee. To say this constituted torture what officer Darren Wilson did it seems at least to them constituted torture and therefore. We'd like you to take action. With respect one of your member states which would be the United States. And this is based that the global call for intervention in this case that American authorities are already dealing wet. What authority does the UN house. Well that's the interesting point here what this committee can do is they can render what's called the decision or or really of view. It can be their perspective on torture here in sometimes. They can recommend different measures but whether they could impose. Dictates on the US system is unlikely it's more something that. The US would abide by and the reason they're doing this is really to try to draw attention to their cause. Given some of the recent developments in this case one of which is reports that the federal investigations civil rights investigation. May not result in charges against Aaron Wilson of that has not been confirmed yet. But that's what reports have been. And so that may have led them to say. We've got to take other avenues were unsure what capital in the state level with the grand jury still pending on this case in a federal charges won't happen. Maybe there is a higher authority that can at least bring about not only some sort of penalty some sort of measure. With respect to officer Darren Wilson but also some sort of change. In what they believe is a very flawed police department there and frogs certainly keeping a spotlight on a Ryan let's listen to a quick sound bite here from Brown's attorney. You shouldn't be killed him and only industry in the week to getting your murderers shouldn't go free. Especially murderers and is from law enforcement. Now we know that this testimony took place behind closed doors but the organization that helped. Bring the browns to Davis Switzerland. Sort of issued a statement what to the browns hope. To gain other than keeping a spotlight on from going all the way to the UN. Well they would love it at this committee would recommend to the arrest of officer Darren Wilson whether or not that will happen remains to be seen. And then they would also like some sort of judgment in their favor something that says from this committee. That yes there are violations. Of this particular part of the UN convention and and therefore. Things need to be done perhaps recommendations made as to what should happen to the Ferguson police department. It may be suggestion to the United States on that level. I think they're looking at it this way even if there isn't some sort of binding authority over the US it just looks bad. For you to go to the UN and make this kind of request US citizen making this kind of request. And then the UN to say yes there is a problem with violence or torture of Michael Brown or others in the area. That's something the US doesn't want to happen they're hoping it adds pressure not only there and also make no mistake. You talk about the people were on the grand jury maybe they catch wind of this and maybe add some fuel to that fire so. We'll have to see but. In terms of having binding authority over the US that's doubtful but the influence that public influence could be significant. We know the shooting has had a major impact not only in that little town of Ferguson but also. Nationwide get us details about how the strip with organized well was organized by the United States human rights network. And that's a group that is really concerned with human rights violations here in the US and so what they did was. They they went through it seems the same process that other people would go through all around the world. When a trying to forward this application to the UN to say that there was a violation here to say that there was torture of this young man. Had to say that there is an ongoing torture in a sense. They made that application it was accepted and now you see them in Geneva so. It's a significant development it's not something you often see and I think the point here is. It really has already been made no matter what the decision is which is the fact that it got this far says a lot about how the world might view this tragedy that happened with Michael Brown. And of course a family in pain we've seen the community also when pain back and Ferguson what is the latest on the grand jury. And possible testimony that's left and that's this town has been on edge waiting for this grand juries find and. They've been waiting quite a long time Michelle and so now the thought is that a decision could come in the coming weeks and we've also recently learned that Michael Bodden who did an autopsy here for the family members. Will be testifying in this and that's significant because what he may have to say about the way Michael Brown was killed could have a significant impact. I'm whether or not charges are brought on officer Darren Wilson now there have been a lot of skeptics out there that it said. But there are ensure that charges might be brought the when you have help of renowned figure. Like Michael Baden coming in that. Coming in a courtroom for testimony that could make a big difference to this case and whether or not charges are filed. Well let's talk about how this community remains on edge just waiting for this word how. Are they preparing for this moment when the grand jury. Hands up their recommendation while the governor is tried to take preemptive measures by making announcements recently that the National Guard and others. Are involved have been advised that there could be some discord depending on the decision and trying to get those things in place now. You always wonder is that going to cause more problems because. The assumption is people will be on edge depending on how this comes down. I think that the thing here is everyone is on pins and needles. And the governor is trying to make the point we're not going to have violence this time around but many on the ground there are getting this sense of do we have to worry about this this time around is the sense that we will abide by the decision but so many believe. How could there not be charges and a case like this based on what we already know so it is a very tense time down there and I think right now. The goal is caution and just waiting to see what happens. ABC's Ryan Smith thank you very much for holding us. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York you have been watching this you can of course keep up with all the latest by downloading the ABC news app and starring this story for those exclusive updates on the go.

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