Final push to rescue Thai soccer players and coach

Rescuers in Thailand are undertaking the third and possibly final rescue mission as eight of their teammates recover in the hospital. ABC News' Kendis Gibson reports.
3:24 | 07/10/18

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Transcript for Final push to rescue Thai soccer players and coach
And we can say good morning on this is there when I'm Condace Gibson and I'm not you really in for damage stated that we began with a third and. Possibly final rescue mission underway inside that cave in Thailand. As divers are hoping to save four remaining boys and their soccer coach the eight boys rescued so far said to be happy and recovering while. Although we just learned moments ago that school boys have pneumonia. Among their first words were I miss home. Some of them have already sent their parents seeing their parents albeit through a glass partition and they could be released from the hospital within a week. This morning the final push to free the remaining soccer players and their crew. Some many people are covering. Most of the twelve boys are Nell free described in good spirits but some are suffering health complications. Doctors say two of them possibly have a lung infection and two others may have blood infections. But doctors say the players have strong immune systems because their athletes. The rescued boys will be hospitalized for at least seven days' and can only see their parents through a glass wall pending blood test people. Who work in infection control. Always late to quarantine people until they have a full understanding. Of not only what's going on with the patient but what's going on with the people who are interacting with that patient but again in all likelihood their medical condition infectious wise. It is nothing that on their family needs to be worried about. Their ordeal started nineteen days ago when members of the wild boar soccer team ventured a mile and a half into the cave. That's part of a team building exercise but treacherous monsoon rains flooded the passageway. Choking off their exit. And for the boys who have little or no swimming experience let alone cave diving experience getting them out. Is a difficult task the divers implemented a bloody system to escort each of the boys out a lead diver tethered to eat buoyant. Carries their oxygen tank the rear diver helps navigate them through the twisting maze and tight underwater passages ABC's Matt Gutman is in Thailand and shows us what the conditions are like in a nearby cave. So let me ask you please. So narrow. You can't dispute ended what. Or. Crawl. Ax to get through imagined. Doing this underwater. What's outside the caves their first checked at a field hospital then waiting ambulances and helicopters bring them to a hospital 35 miles away. We're an entire floor has been set aside to treat them and even with the proper care the ordeal could have lasting effects on the boys built. He hyper vigilant they may have nightmares they may be fearful they may regress a bit. In their behavior. Some of them may actually get a little bit. Depressed. Doubled for a certain circumstances they probably won't like in close spaces. And they don't need support through that. One of the survivors turned sixteen during his time in the cave his uncle tells us the family had gotten him a birthday cake. And they hope to celebrate when the entire team is safe. And hopefully that'll be pretty soon the doctors say all of the boys are eating bland foods they can't eat anything spicy yet. Even though they have been requesting a favor kind of tight fried rice. As some of the rescued boys are actually still wearing sunglasses to help them adjust to all that light.

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{"id":56484044,"title":"Final push to rescue Thai soccer players and coach","duration":"3:24","description":"Rescuers in Thailand are undertaking the third and possibly final rescue mission as eight of their teammates recover in the hospital. ABC News' Kendis Gibson reports.","url":"/International/video/final-push-rescue-thai-soccer-players-coach-56484044","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}