Search for Flight 370 Narrows

The Australian prime minster says that the targeted area has come down to "some kilometers."
7:54 | 04/11/14

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Transcript for Search for Flight 370 Narrows
This is a special group. I love and I'm Devin Dwyer -- New York the search for missing Malaysia airlines flight 370 is narrowing. Australian prime minister Tony Abbott said today that targeted area. Is now down to just some kilometers he said they're the closest -- ever been to finding the black boxes and possibly possibly. Getting some answers on what brought down MH 370 the plane disappeared now 35. Days ago with 239 people on board. Investigators meanwhile same time is quickly running out to reach those black boxes. The signal. From what we have very confident -- the black boxes signing to fight. And we -- to. Get as much information as we can. Before the seasonal finally expires. -- -- -- sight at this point in time. Is that we have very much narrowed down the search area. And we have very confident. That the signals that we are detecting. From the black box on in my -- 370. Air Australia's prime minister very confident that they're closing in but to help us understand the latest on the search effort. I want to bring in once again former NTSB investigator Tom powder from Washington Tom thank you so much. Let's let's break it down -- -- right now seems to be a bit of discrepancy from what we're hearing officials on one hand saying their confidence. They'll fly -- these boxes on the other hand the batteries could run out any second right which is that this -- But it is supposed to mean that think they have enough data now from the signals say they're confident they have the search area. They're confident that their pain signals from the boxes. Well obviously the -- is still big and it like to get a smaller. And the only way to get a smaller is to have more time to collect more beeps from the boxes and try to hone in on the wherever that be wreckage may be. So time is of the essence here the batteries are only warranty for thirty days were past that so every day counts. And now officials reported earlier today that they had heard another paying. And then came back and said it was not actually from those black boxes from -- 370 what else could they have been hearing. And does this bring any doubt that the other -- -- we thought we heard art critic -- also legitimate. Well the other thing they heard was from an air drops and avoid avoid device which is very different. From the device being used to coat be towed by -- ship to listen to pains. From very deep water Minnesota boy doesn't have the kind of reach so it is easy for that to pick up -- street signal if you will. So I think just based on the -- are hearing from the -- agent -- Device that was coming up there the got a very good area to look at where -- my box maybe how confident are you back no you're not there on the scene but based on what you've heard about the frequency of the -- I think forceps and kings and different occasions. You pretty confident that those -- are in fact the black boxes. What -- from what I've heard I feel pretty confident sounds like they have got a very good area here. Did you get a smaller smallest possible for the batteries run out but I feel very confident that the -- -- -- found location of the wreckage. So a couple of square kilometers now they're looking and officials of insane as you know first few days now they want to deploy that bluefin sub which is that mapping device that can go down. To the ocean floor several miles down I mean this is seriously deep water to to look for the debris. Tom what happens if they -- if they don't hear another paying or they don't spot any debris it -- -- -- do you think it's worth sending that thing down to to scour the floor. Well that absolutely that once the pain stop here only result. You can Philippine you do -- that is basically put the -- down and start searching the bottom. The problem is yet to search a much larger area and it takes a lot more time lot more effort. So if you can -- that area as much as possible before you have to start to insights into better. But I think at this stage show no matter what once the pinging stops he deployed to bluefin start doing side scan sonar -- In the surface down there that it would be scanning as I understand it it's very mountainous. Several modesty donated sounds like it could be pretty difficult to recover the black boxes even if they're found. -- and death -- a lot more difficult. One is that was mountainous trained. The bluefin -- goes deep is your life because you don't wanna running into a mountain somewhere -- be very careful how deep it goes. And if it can't get down that last thousand feet -- so well -- the resolution understand isn't as good. So it -- -- come complexity. -- once you do find the wreckage then trying to recover wreckage from. A mountainous terrain and lots of Craig's in deeper areas that becomes even more difficult so. I don't think will -- the recorders come to us or persons than -- short period of time possibly weeks -- not months. -- it's certainly a long road ahead you know -- got to ask you I have been so surprised by the fact that no debris has been spotted. On the surface anywhere now they've been searching for over a month I mean what what do you make of that is that if it isn't even possible that the plane. Could have been ditched intact and included have we have gone to the ocean floor among peace. That. It's not finding any debris it all is very puzzling to me. And every accent I've worked with -- airplane go in the water it is always floating debris somewhere. And so -- the debris has been carried away further than we've been looking. Or abroad as -- the possibility this airplane happened to land. Virtually intact and sink to the bottom. And frankly on the way to know is to find the -- -- camera sound take a look. That's right and in the key to answering this whole mystery is getting that meant is that wreckage getting those boxes. That did talk to me 30000 feet here about the deal overall investigation are you still convinced. We heard in those first weeks after this happened that that a deliberate actions behind it. This plane crash. Well at this point on the limited data we have and it's still extraordinary limited data I could make. Almost any scenario or -- fit the data we have. And always depended downs it is boxes back so I'm leaving all the options open my nose investigator -- -- -- important data point to change everything. So what I'm looking for here. Is that -- more data point at the box is -- and will -- -- right now there's no way to tell which one which. That happened here whether it's intentional act or some type of strange circumstance mechanical failure and remind us again Tom what is on those black boxes that so critical. Well as two things is a -- -- voice recorder which will have the last two hours of sounds in the cockpit. May be no sounds at all except for just -- background noise -- the airplane which can be helpful to. Or maybe we can hear talking in the cockpit possibly people person moving in the -- that something there. The on the flight data recorder that's all the framers of the airplane. -- flight control positions the airspeed altitude engine settings. Control forces put into these systems auto pilot settings. So we need all the data to really put back together what happened to -- -- -- And we are getting closer hopefully defining those boxes and that -- -- -- -- so many ways still. Back at square one now former NTSB investigator Tom -- in Washington thanks much for dressed them. Thank you are you can keep up with all the latest on the story in real time by downloading BBC news -- that story in this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Devin Dwyer a New York thanks so -- --

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{"id":23295162,"title":"Search for Flight 370 Narrows","duration":"7:54","description":"The Australian prime minster says that the targeted area has come down to \"some kilometers.\"","url":"/International/video/flight-370-search-narrows-kilometers-23295162","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}