Friday Rewind: Violence erupts in France

French President Emmanuel Macron promises protesters wage increases, bonuses and tax relief in the wake of national protests.
2:35 | 12/14/18

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Transcript for Friday Rewind: Violence erupts in France
He's a want to feel old. That song was number one on the charts ten years ago this week we believe. Unbelievable. And no doubt quite a few events that made this week's news headlines will go down in history here now are reaching Friday reply. Pronounced flexing its way out of the fly out after a full weekend of violence. Who began as a protest of a fuel tax. It's turned into a national baffle broad economic equality president Manuel Michael promising wage increases or bonuses and tax relief. Blue no change to a controversial tax breaks for the rich the. Troubling video here in New York City. And the NYPD now under fire. This after 2.3 year old jasmine Headley reportedly sat on the floor when she couldn't find a seat during a four hour wait for a day care voucher so she could go to work. Vincent struggling with officers after the NYPD says she repeatedly refused to leave this human resource is building in Brooklyn police eventually yanked. From her mother's arms and arrest or the new city police commissioner is calling this video very disturbing and his investigation. And a jury in Charlottesville Virginia now recommending life behind bars for James fields the man who drove his car and counter protesters and a white nationalist rally last year killing a young woman. Heather higher. On Friday to a jury found fields guilty of first degree murder and nine other charges the judge is expected to formally imposed the life sentence. We want to get right to that mine rescue in West Virginia check out these images overnight and it shows the moment these three people Immersion. They have been trapped in that abandoned mine since Saturday gave the two women. And a man had broken into the mine with another male friend early Saturday morning. And while they could face criminal charges for entering the mine illegally in search of copper wire family members say that is for another day a community. Grateful they're all alive. So I diet of Westford of Vermont filth that 700. Pound of wooden middle finger sculpture. It took us sixteen foot fall on this front line. This comes after a ten year battle with his city. You have to build up rock artist property 8000 square foot garage. So like that would how the business in south let me thank you wet the city would have some issues that and and given the way that he protests say they imagined yet they can make it all the as a friend you chickens genetically.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"French President Emmanuel Macron promises protesters wage increases, bonuses and tax relief in the wake of national protests.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"59818102","title":"Friday Rewind: Violence erupts in France","url":"/International/video/friday-rewind-violence-erupts-france-59818102"}