On the front lines in Afghanistan

Ian Pannell tours one of hundreds of compounds formerly controlled by ISIS.
2:18 | 08/22/18

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Transcript for On the front lines in Afghanistan
We just pushing into one of the compounds and this area than there referred to as the tongue investors because of his geographical shape his client fertile area the loss of fields hair. Both of palms I'm also compounds as woman in my home congress announce a walls made of month. And stroll and Einstein's hair different living areas but these are key areas ice his Houston home. This is as far front is that any US troops get in Afghanistan. I think the enemy is probably as close as a mile away that sent spoke to some people coming back into the area but could afford to have his say what I. They're doing now. When you step. Coming then. And he faces a potentially riddled with booby traps and even that pace would ever that. The be very careful about everything they look at everything that touched everything removed and we see nineties him a national soul sort of homemade materials pieces of wood. Mr. metals and you can Hernandez sound and then kicking and tools an explosive experts who tried to make sure but the area is clear. Moody for them to go into. So you can go up with whom. Jim understaffed. Reflective. Rabbit Warren hit. Indoors and I think we were trapped. Items that left on the floor the kind of thing that draws you run into the kind of thing you only go two and pick up again they're hidden dangers. I'm suing the Abu. Is it just want. Of hundreds of compounds throughout this area than go to go into MagSafe have already put diet I just after this matter. But the concern is accruals wouldn't come McKinnon launch attacks on their observation post on some of that nation counts trying to make is safe to bring Afghan troops and here. And so they can go on and had to fight back to life this.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"Ian Pannell tours one of hundreds of compounds formerly controlled by ISIS.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"57336381","title":"On the front lines in Afghanistan","url":"/International/video/front-lines-afghanistan-57336381"}