Gaza Hospital Hit by Rocket

Israel claims attack was a Hamas misfire and did not come from its forces.
8:47 | 07/28/14

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Transcript for Gaza Hospital Hit by Rocket
You can. -- few hours of relative call Israel and Gaza. Shattered by a strike on Gaza city's main hospital Palestinian officials say it was the IDF the Israelis responding blaming Hamas. Saying they misfired. -- their -- people right. By Gaza City and Israel over -- New -- early this morning there was some quiet as Muslims in Gaza marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. But both Israel and Hamas -- rejected demands from the United Nations for an unconditional cease fire. And now more civilian bloodshed in Gaza from one situation in Gaza and what the Israelis are saying I want to bring in now. ABC's chief foreign correspondent Terry correct getting -- by in Jerusalem and at Terry. We have been looking at some video from Hamas run television station in Gaza they say that to IDF airstrikes hit a hospital. At a nearby refugee camp what do we know right now that both -- -- Well we know is that those places have been -- that there are casualties. What we don't know is who is responsible. You've heard Hamas has claimed to those were air strikes by the Israeli military. -- just -- with a spokesman for the Israeli defense forces and he says they have checked and cross checked their own fire. And they did not hit that hospital either intentionally or unintentionally the Gaza refugee camp -- They didn't hit that intentionally or intentionally either that is their claim they say that if you -- -- You'll find that Islamic Jihad which is another. Militant group in the Gaza Strip. Declared that they've just shot off rockets just before. The hospital was hit. And they say the IDF's claim is that these were. Palestinian rockets from Islamic Jihad that fell short and hit the hospital and that. That is the claim from the side. That is the claim Terry and of course the idea also saying yesterday that an investigation into the -- afternoon attack which he UN school in Gaza last week essentially. Never happen that the school was anti. When the shells hit how then does that statement affect the credibility now. Well look this is a situation where the credibility of each side is zero. With people who support the other side so that the IDF will will make -- statement. And we'll try to develop evidence -- present evidence backing up what they say happened and it will be rejected by all those people who are on the Palestinian side. By the same token Hamas will make a claim and anyone who supports Israel will say their -- The best that the ordinary viewer can do. It is glean from the circumstances surrounding that these these incidents -- for whatever evidence that independent journalists can bring forward. Because these are valuable things these are these are awful things that are happening in the midst of this this is really. Operation in Gaza and they naturally break your heart. To see it. They therefore become currency in the information war for both the educated intelligent you -- has as a very hard job sorting it all -- Terry let me ask you this then as you are trying to sort this out -- as a journalist and then from the consumer side of things here back in the United States and around the world that. Is the idea being. -- as far as getting ahead of a story or is it taking a lot of prodding and a lot of urging by journalists to get any kind of a statement on -- action. Now did you call up the idea they'll tell you what their side of the story that there of their very direct in in what they say happened on that said they aren't. Above or beyond. Using their contacts with the -- to shape the story even to shape an operation. To perhaps -- some misinformation out there to protect their troops as they go forward. In some kind of operation -- you realize that you're dealing. With an armed force that is engaged at this moment. You know in an operation in Gaza and so you have to take that with a grain of salt but as far as getting ahold of them. As far as listening to what they have to say they get back -- with alacrity they want you to know their perspective because they understand. That this is and information wore a media war and that frankly around the world Israel is losing. And just an hour or so ago we were -- to talk about a relatively quiet day. The end of Ramadan the end of eve celebrations. Walk -- through the timeline of what exactly happened what went wrong. Well there there was a call last night from President Obama to prime minister Netanyahu that was blunt and -- rack and -- really caused a lot of them. -- in some ways and resentment in Israel the president saying according to the official read out that Israel needs to achieve an immediate cease fire stopping. And then we'll get to the issue is your -- wanna do that they believe in order to stop their fire they need. They need to gain some assurances about what's gonna happen in Gaza -- -- Nevertheless. Under that pressure and also as you just pointed out this eve celebration. The fighting with the firing went down in Israel was not. Launching air attacks into Gaza. But over the course of the morning according to the idea they did receive fire. From. Hamas and Palestinian rocket emplacements in Gaza and they responded. And now things have picked up significantly we can also tell you that there was an incident at the border between Israel and Gaza. Apparently mortar fire coming from Gaza hit. And killed four Israeli soldiers. That is still. To be confirmed but that is what we are hearing and that will almost guarantee a stronger response to it seems as if this lull in the fighting that you described is coming to an end. And yet. Israel is just about where it wanted to be militarily is just about achieved its stated military objectives destroying. Hamas' capacity to launch offensives. Into Israel through these terror tunnels as Israel calls them. And degrade their rocket firing capability those two things those two main military objectives of Israel. Had just about Bennett -- that this thing may may be one again. And now Terry what we talk about the international pressure and efforts to create some kind of a cease fire there is an issue of American efforts. To secure such. -- many Israelis though are ripping the US secretary of state John Kerry for the failure of Cree to cease fire place. I have never seen. Anything like this the commentary. From Israeli security cabinet officials unnamed but also openly in the Israeli press the mockery the scorn for contempt. That they hold the American secretary of state that that this is a development that I have not. Scene. In all my years of covering and reading about this conflict because they see that. John -- effort to broker a cease fire they felt was way too biased and for the Palestinians. It was rejected outright by the Israeli Cabinet. And then came this avalanche of scorn and contempt done and that's one of the reasons I think that President Obama made a get tough call. Two prime minister Netanyahu we can't have a secretary of state openly mocked. In his room and that is what happened. There is something different happening in Israel right now there was a poll out today. 87%. Of Israeli citizens. Want this operation in Gaza to continue. Now Israel is a very vibrant democracy is a fractious an argument of the placing -- nine out of ten Israelis to agree on anything. And that's an amazing thing and to get them agree on this shows you the intense solidarity. That has taken hold of this country in this operation to the point where -- even. Rejecting or at least holding at arm's length the efforts of their key ally in the world the United States of America. That's what's going on here Israel is going to do what Israel believes needs to be done regardless of what John Kerry or even president Obama's. Just one more look at the complications. The situation there. ABC's chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran dangerously Terry thank you that appreciated as always. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news at a -- -- this story for exclusive updates on the go. You know watching international hot spot down -- learning.

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{"id":24742147,"title":"Gaza Hospital Hit by Rocket","duration":"8:47","description":"Israel claims attack was a Hamas misfire and did not come from its forces.","url":"/International/video/gaza-hospital-hit-rocket-24742147","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}