Global COVID-19 2nd wave underway

The World Health Organization said there is “no question" Europe is COVID-19’s epicenter right now.
2:49 | 10/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Global COVID-19 2nd wave underway
Today the World Health Organization said there is quote no question Europe is now the epicenter for Covert nineteen accounted for nearly half. Of all newly diagnosed cases across the globe France alone. Is reporting more than 22000. New cases of corona virus for more let's bring in Maggie really in London. Maggie is not just for answers new covered cases spike right across Western Europe. How is it feeling what are you seeing over there. Can't Terry music from a three living exactly where we were six months ago you mentioned France France's just seeing. An exponential rise in cases one doctor there warning just today the country has. Lost control of the pens at the epidemic. As Spain it was the first European country to surpass one million confirmed cases may have now declared a state of emergency and crack down with a nationwide overnight curfew. And Terry perhaps what's most concerning is. Italy here they got hit so hard by that first wave and it really cautious they slowly came out of lockdown they even. Implemented a nationwide a mass mandate inside and outside but. Even they are now starting to see an increase and starting today in Italy all restaurants and bars are being forced to close by 6 PM so we're really seeing just. This widespread reaction but you know the question is. Gridlock sounds and working and if they're not then what are we going to do next. And can. Be here in the United States as as in Europe there's just fierce push back to new lockdown measures we've heard the governor in you talk talk about exhaustion. Particularly if they over there in Italy Poland and the UK so what are you seeing to that push back we won't go back inside. Eighty Terry does it just happening in the US this is a worldwide problem and you mentioned what it looks it will some of these. Protests are really looking more links full scale riots. In Naples over the weekend demonstrators were protesting that -- new curfew clashed with police and we saw similar protests in Rome led by far right groups. Now we also saw similar protest can pull links. And even here in the UK were hundreds of people marched down Oxford street against the new localized lockdown so many of these are becoming a Lal and potentially even violence. Although it Terry visited a moment here to also give credit to what is perhaps the most creative protests we saw that goes to this man and Wales now Wales has. One of the toughest lock downs in the UK OK yeah I museum I'm sorry Ed I and does not and I know it's alive it's alive and they wailed the clothing and deemed essentials so he decide to go to the grocery store and only what what's essential you know his. His son he's not saying he hadn't just a fun actually I learned we call them pants here in London so that he was technically in his pants. But you know I'm gonna go of those payments to hannitizing his inadequacies its illicit Maggie really good thanks very much of that.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"The World Health Organization said there is “no question\" Europe is COVID-19’s epicenter right now. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"73842269","title":"Global COVID-19 2nd wave underway","url":"/International/video/global-covid-19-2nd-wave-underway-73842269"}