Hamas offers a cease-fire if conditions are met

The proposal comes after days of escalating violence in the Middle East that has killed more than 200 people.
3:49 | 05/18/21

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Transcript for Hamas offers a cease-fire if conditions are met
Breakthrough in the crisis in the Middle East a senior Hamas official tells ABC news that Hamas would accept us cease fire. If certain conditions are met. This comes as Israeli police say two people have been killed. By rocket attack is the barrage of fire from Hamas based in Gaza continues to rain down on Israel and our chief national correspondent. Matt Gutman joins us live now. With the latest from Israel so mad here is this ABC news is learning our colleague and Estrada has heard that Hamas. Looking for a cease fire under certain conditions and you've spoken with the Israelis what what are you here. The conditions Ortiz right they are asking that Israel stop incursions into via lots of mosque in Jerusalem and and let. A practice over. Palestinians being evicted from homes in the chase dropped neighborhood of Jerusalem. Israel saying according to his an official spoke with just a short time ago. No thank you Israel says it wants to continue to d.s able hamas' military infrastructure. In God's. We see these sit here airstrikes over the past nine days. Israel flying and dozens and dozens of sorties some of those explosions. Lighting up the night sky. It's what specifically has been targeting hamas' network. Tunnels that honeycomb Gaza. Apparently eager incredibly sophisticated. They are protected and secured they were supposed to be ultra secret initials actually. Very happy I suppose about its success in being able to disable some of these tunnels. And the impression I got from the officials with human speaking is that. They want to keep going at least until they finish sell list of targets that they've amassed. Over a recent period of time they want to disable Hamas to the degree. That they can have quiet in Israel for a number of years. Nobody suck it about peace this is just about buying a little bit of time Terry. Getting after the tunnels the metro as you say Israeli intelligence called Israeli intelligence then Gaza's pretty good. Meanwhile one of real concerns they're mad as you know is the violence within Israel that has erupted between Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews. And we understand there has more violence breaking out protesters are clashing with police what can you tell. By the way it's called the metro area to point out is what does an excellent. Intel in Gaza. Because it's like some ways it so sophisticated and that was something of great concern. What we saw two gay not just in Israel but across Gaza and the west bank and it makes Jewish Arab towns in Israel proper was unprecedented it was the first time. Anybody's recollection that all the factions. Other Palestinians were talking Hamas Islamic Jihad. Everybody got together Ted OK Tim good strike generally we also saw significant protests and clashes in Jerusalem between. Pro Palestinian protesters. And Israeli. Military. And and border police. There were a number of people injured but more than those classes I think what is unique is that this is the first time the Palestinians have been this united in the long time they are united. Around being. Upset and I raised. At Israel's incursions it to be a lot of mosque and the temple mount at the violence that we've seen in Gaza that casualty rates there the on going bombing the ferocity. Of these bombing campaign that we see. So this is really quite an usual. Unclear where it's going to go in the next couple of days or how long these unity will last but for right now it is certainly a president Harry. Matt you are right on that story and have been throughout. Please stay safe and thanks for being with if this happened.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"The proposal comes after days of escalating violence in the Middle East that has killed more than 200 people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77764783","title":"Hamas offers a cease-fire if conditions are met","url":"/International/video/hamas-offers-cease-fire-conditions-met-77764783"}