Hardline candidate expected to win Iran's presidential election

ABC News’ Martha Raddatz reports from Tehran, where many Iranians believe the election results have already been determined, as the country also grapples with a crippled economy.
5:19 | 06/19/21

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Transcript for Hardline candidate expected to win Iran's presidential election
Overseas now to Iran where the polls have closed in the country's elections for a new president and this is an election that could have major consequences for the US including on the fate of the renegotiation. Of the Iran nuclear deal but Iran has also grappling with its own difficult issues including a crippled economy. And apathy over this election that many view as already decided ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz has been on the ground talking to voters into rock. In Tim run tonight people winding up to cast their ballots to choose who'll be Iran's next president. Mr. craziest show that he can stand up from. Four at the people that person is necessary thing. But for many year Ronnie is this election feels predetermined. Polls predicting about 60%. Of a Romanians will not show up to vote. We don't think dad beats the Israeli and direction mark down how well people Leon monks who want to harm physical action. Hardliner Abraham right EC is the front runner and anticipated. Winner to replace Iran's current president Hassan reclining. There were more than 500 candidates and wanted to run for president but the majority of them. We're disqualified. A few dropped out it was narrowed down to slowly pull. Bright easy he's the favorite of supreme leader Ayatollah Ali comment need this is the feeding. Although many millions of uranium that that that all rolled seemed pleased. Doesn't Mac have. The only moderate on the ballot. Abdel Nasser commodity a mighty became governor of Iran's Central Bank shortly after president trump. Pulled out of the nuclear deal and imposed crippling economic sanctions. Commodities opponents blame him for Iran's dire economies Iran's paper currency. Losing 68%. Of its value since the sanctions hit in 28 team. But polls indicate right EC is expected to claim victory to help rebuild an ailing economy. He's Iran's current chief justice and what have come manes most trusted confidant but the anti westerners past is troubling. Red EC oversight death commissions that ordered the extrajudicial. Executions. Of thousands of prisoners in Iran in 1988. At the end of the Iran Iraq War. Ended 2019. The trump administration sanctioned right EC for human rights abuses. The Biden administration has yet to remove right EC from the sanctions list. And with the Iran nuclear deal still hanging in the balance sanctions have yet to be lifted on Iran. Hearing Tehran people feeling the real told. Middle class women hit the hardest by unemployment. The cost of milk. My nine. People stand in line to buy kick it. Their hunger manifesting. Into pretty much they can they're asking us to vote up from Lou I think they could empower for years and nothing's changed. I have nothing to lose. Let them execute me. Iran's badly crippled economy is on the ballot and voters are desperate for relief. Rice she says he supports the nuclear deal which could bring economic benefits but his anti western feelings. Could make it harder to get a longer and tougher deal which president Biden won't like. It's crazy. Is elected and what what the relationship painful with the west do you think you didn't get the sanctions lifted. I think is that right season. Pledged towards the nation in his. In his speech is important that we are not going to be looking towards the west. Okay we're will be more than happy if they leave all of this action movie more than happy to join back. Into the deal done and we are more than happy. But. The main point is that Riordan let's looking towards. So being that he's not our priority our priority is phone Levy in. Iran also continues to be crippled by hoping they're doctors or leaving in droves over 3000. Left Iran last year. Those who have stayed faced TTE and medicine shortages. Nobody. Gets a loss. Yeah no money transaction. Economic hardships and curbs on freedoms have kept many people especially Iran's youth sent home this election. The shots about a mile high quality corporate and among candidates not changed our commitment Christmas Haitian couple with all the same that's what I'm not going to vote battle. And want their seemingly little enthusiasm for the eventual winner in some circles. Iran's next president will undoubtedly face the challenge of convincing Iran's youth stat they still have a future of this country. The winner of the presidential race will officially be announced tomorrow but he does not take office for several months and there is no way a new nuclear deal will be signed before that Trevor.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"ABC News’ Martha Raddatz reports from Tehran, where many Iranians believe the election results have already been determined, as the country also grapples with a crippled economy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"78369295","title":"Hardline candidate expected to win Iran's presidential election","url":"/International/video/hardline-candidate-expected-win-irans-presidential-election-78369295"}