Home Chimney Yields WWII Carrier Pigeon Message

A family in England found a dead pigeon carrying a 70-year-old wartime message.
3:00 | 11/01/12

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Transcript for Home Chimney Yields WWII Carrier Pigeon Message
-- -- opinion is an and I have the mechanical -- the Arabic. That might surprise you know that the I had over a mile a minute -- -- you can even -- and I -- big deal and has admitted that it has been here. So reliable in fact -- during World War II alone more than a quarter of a million of them were deployed on active service. They -- messages from behind enemy lines and -- week bomber crews in case the aircraft crashed. Offended forerunner of the black box. Each -- had a number. And -- -- with captain -- missions but this is the story of one pigeon. Who never made it happen. This is the famous -- This is the font face truck found the -- -- -- pulling it down plea down bags and bags of privilege. Then. And the pigeon birth and social terrible -- by -- by. David Martin was restoring a fireplace at his home and that -- -- in salary. When he made an intriguing discovery. I'm three handfuls of brokers place that can delay of the red caps -- -- With a -- inside I don't -- Unbelievable unbelievable. It was like Christmas we just couldn't couldn't believe it in a promise groups -- not enough. Peace cigarette paper thin yet the super massive. There are no records of the number on its metal band -- the red capsule is the type used by the special operations executive. The bombs likes bodies who worked in occupied Europe. And and usually the message is in -- route. They were sent. On nearly every moment that that this country. -- -- -- -- -- -- park renowned as the wartime home of the top secret code breakers there were only around a dozen -- based here. But that Congo may well have been highly sensitive. I don't know wound can all right. Well this one -- Because all the messages that we haven't looked at all why has -- on hand. You know that my -- of this really sick and income that's something. That bit special -- this one. So the theory is the pigeon was on his way here to the code breakers. Intellectually park today the message is that that Malden day equivalent it's being worked on a GC HQ in -- -- it's hoped that day. Will be able to solve the mystery of what's contained within that message. A message that was written by a sergeant W stalled around seventy years ago about the remains a mystery to this day. Well so -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":17617425,"title":"Home Chimney Yields WWII Carrier Pigeon Message","duration":"3:00","description":"A family in England found a dead pigeon carrying a 70-year-old wartime message.","url":"/International/video/home-chimney-yields-wwii-carrier-pigeon-message-17617425","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}