Hong Kong airport shuts down as protesters take over

Pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong are protesting at Hong Kong International Airport, causing all flights to be canceled.
3:48 | 08/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hong Kong airport shuts down as protesters take over
We moved to Hong Kong where all departing flights and one of the world's busiest airports canceled completely canceled why. Because thousands of anti government protesters continue to occupy the terminals for the fourth day. Again this is the tenth week of unrest that comes over a controversial bill that would extradite criminals in Hong Kong. Back to mainland China saw want to bring in on cars in you who is right there in Hong Kong with the latest. And cars sinking you just remind everyone. But what the people of Hong Kong one at this point. Arguably could remember two months ago over to door to our pocket about. On Mac wrote that the extradition bill but in the period bet it's sort of moved on to other. Complete about the government and about. Beijing's over reaching China increasingly it's about police conduct. And clearing up protests in two days specifically at the airport. Protesters are protest they get. Very quietly there is operation last night in a shopping district where protesters. Were shot in the I would would be back. While it'll be got all these people. Out again into the airport and pretty much closing down here or are you from the like pictured here in doubt that they were. In respectively shut down one of the world's busiest airport. Yeah and so we're looking at the footage from the airport but just to be clear these protests have been happening. All over the city correct. But that's correct they have it's a pity. The protesters had had a motto be like water in Dayton agreement it and writing. Kind of campaign we're doing it one district and it run to another district went to get this work but we. The last night you where would protesters all the protesters seven district knock off. Don't numbers and try to do whittled down from June but there more widespread across the map and talk. Yes so again we're seeing live pictures of the people the protesters. In the airport terminal right now. Carts in there are also some reports that some of the officers. Across the city had apparently dressed up. As undercover protesters. Yes we were actually there last night when it beat undercover protest. There are critical problems are undercover cop dressed up as protesters yeah under undercover cops were making Iraq. They were mingling with protesters. And all the sudden they just. Betty Iraq and it. And. Bleed air in public route kind of scattered and keep worst period because these cops apparently had been invented to beat protestors. Students. What period of time and it try to root out. The core protesters. Have been attracting police inflation. Yes so that. Yes so this looks like it's going to continue to be a still made. If there is no compromise. I bet that's correct I think after Beijing trying to do in the last couple weeks. Park on government has really. Target but it positions and experience be rhetoric from both sides there's no problem the protesters want their demands heard about it. Hong Kong government and their leader Jerry lamb are unloading. Could beat them what is critical from everything we see on the field. And a back and forth between protesters and police did. The cop conflict need to political revolution. All right well that's Carson you with us right there in Hong Kong with the latest and we'll of course keep everyone updated. When what happens.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"Pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong are protesting at Hong Kong International Airport, causing all flights to be canceled.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64928205","title":"Hong Kong airport shuts down as protesters take over ","url":"/International/video/hong-kong-airport-shuts-protesters-64928205"}