Hong Kong clashes reignite as Chinese troops move into nearby city

Protesters face off with police in the streets after more than 1,000 flights were canceled over two days.
4:52 | 08/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hong Kong clashes reignite as Chinese troops move into nearby city
Welcome back now to Hong Kong worked street clashes resumed between police and pro democracy protesters. Officers fired tear gas at demonstrators outside a police station. The battle follow follows protests that Hong Kong's airport that force nearly 1000 cancellations. Over two days ABC's think and L is on the ground with the latest Clayton good morning tell us what that scene is like out there now. Hey Kenneth agent make you know it right now it's calm a lot of the protests that we've seen. Spin up late at night we actually went to that neighborhood that you were just talking about there where. Protesters and police got an a clash last night there were firing tear gas at protesters. When we got there was well after. Midnight 1 o'clock in the morning and protesters were still there sort of antagonizing the police they were. Gathered outside the police station shining lasers. At the police officers as a way to kind of antagonize them to annoy them but also those lasers block. The view of the cameras that may be recording some of those protesters. We also saw people who had been tagging the front of the police station win. Insults against the police officers basically. Calling them corrupt but we did go through the airport yesterday things are calm there nothing like what we saw in the last couple a days were protesters essentially shut down. The world's eighth busiest airport getting into these massive clashes with police that even protesters. Believe probably went too far a lot of them or even apologizing. Yesterday Alibaba itself right now the big question is. What is the response is going to be from the government we just don't know at this point yet. The world is watching Clayton leasing Chinese troops appearing to move near Hong Kong. I'm president trumpet reaching out to the Chinese president sane. And he has zero doubt that if president she wants to quickly humanely solve the Hong Kong problem that he can do it. So what comes next. Yeah exactly that the question is is this going to be more talking a diplomatic political solution or. Is it going to be use of force and right now we don't noble we have seen Chinese military vehicles armored personnel carriers. Just across the border in the city of Shenzhen here a short drive. From Hong Kong they've been massing their doing military exercises. So. Right now it's it's a big question but the State Department says they are very deeply concerned about about those military movements and we also heard from some of the bipartisan leaders of the house foreign relations committee. They are urging Beijing to not undertake a violent. Response like the one that happened thirty years ago this year. In Tiananmen square of course in 1989 where hundreds and and possibly even thousands of people. Were killed as you said the world is watching and the optics ups of a response like that. Would be devastating here. And and Clayton so we know that this begin at weeks ago over that controversial. Extradition bill that was withdrawn so what are the protesters demanding now all these weeks later. You write this all started months ago at that extradition bill but if you take a step back one of the big concerns here. Is victory concerned that the rights and freedoms that Hong Kong has enjoyed are starting to be eroded by. Beijing and that extradition bill was one of those concerns that would have allowed Hong congress to be extradited to. Chinese mainland courts and the justice system which critics say are unfair and can even subject's people. To torture so. That is how this started but. That that law was tabled by the chief executive here in Hong Kong Kerry lamb but. She did not formally withdraw and I just kind of threw up on to fuel on the fire and so. The demands have now increased not only do protestors want that bill. Formally withdrawn they want Carrie Lam to resign they want the protesters who were arrested. To be released. So all sorts of things they they want more voting rights here they wanted to have more say in who they choose. For their leaders and one of the biggest concerns here we sought at the airport we've seen it around is. This concern over police brutality protestors say that Hong Kong police have been quick to fire tear gas to fire projectiles. Into the crowd. There's actually symbol here that is taken root in the last couple of days a woman. An aid worker was hit by some type of projectiles that police fired. Our I was severely injured and so now you see protesters around all wearing these I've patches as a sort of symbolic. Show of solidarity so. Those are a multitude of demands of the question is will. Beijing will Hong Kong tried to meet some of those demands saw they haven't to this point so what Seward goes. And we will continue to watch what is unfolding their Clayton glad to have you with us this morning.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Protesters face off with police in the streets after more than 1,000 flights were canceled over two days.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64987994","title":"Hong Kong clashes reignite as Chinese troops move into nearby city","url":"/International/video/hong-kong-clashes-reignite-chinese-troops-move-nearby-64987994"}