4 hostages freed by French special forces after rescue 'from hell'

U.S. officials learned an American was held in Burkina Faso for weeks without them knowing.
3:25 | 05/13/19

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Transcript for 4 hostages freed by French special forces after rescue 'from hell'
We began in the West African nation of Burkina paso were four hostages were freed by a French special forces in a deadly raid. The hostages include data to French citizens a South Korean citizen and an American woman. Two of the French commandos were killed in the operation so wanna go to James long man who's live in our London bureau. I'm James can you just give us an idea of how this a raid went down. Yet committees have basically on Friday the French decided to go into bikini process and retrieve the two French now signals. They knew I'd been taken and name does Petri beacon on us ulyetza Nate went missing on the first of may as they were traveling from bending in the south. Two picking up process is a national park that Drago was killed and they were taken to the French decided. They knew about these two men and they wanted to go into twenty kimonos went in in the night. When told they approached account when the gang had stopped because they were traveling north through McCain a process it's thought ops. Heading in to mommy. But. And whilst having stopped that was the child's that the French. Though they needed to take to get that man out when told kimonos have to cross something like 200 meters of open ground as they approach the count. We understand though four shelters full buildings. That land c'mon guys and sit in on both communities say two ban number died in the rescue operation but thankfully. The hostages. Will retrieved or kidnappers killed hostages retreat but this is where the mystery that gains because they didn't just find those two men they found. A woman in that sixties and American and another woman in her forties a South Korean and they had no light data either of them would be that. And to be frank Kimberly we still done. While either of them when not as well intelligence will and intelligence agencies both in the United States and I'm sure in South Korea a trying to piece together exactly how these two women. Ended up in a pot of the world which really is. Very very dangerous indeed. I'm do we know anything about how long they were held in and just going to what you said is there is there any information or on why these hostages were taken in the first place. Well the the two women we understand were held for 28 days and say they will they've already been in not enough place to something like two weeks not nine when or how they were taken why they would. We understand that the the American at least as well and a sixties as a private citizen. Not believe you looking for a US government agency lot of people kind of feel that this woman lost this spy meanwhile that he Vietnam while. But you know all foreign teeth oh one against travel to these to these nations the French. The brits here in the UK they don't advise that citizens of trouble that neither the the Americans or South Korean site. Rated Aaron a going to be a little questions these B else about why exactly was of these people found themselves. For that partly to French man said that they. They say quite we certainly should have taken into account the government's advice as well as the complexities of Africa and complexities of Africa. His rather on the statement that. And lakers decide that they poverty didn't really know what they were getting themselves into we know that the two Frenchmen well with a local driver it was Sunday killed. And today well we've kind of political and local guide if you'd like didn't stop them from being taken by this criminal guy who had we understand every intention of sending them out. Two and. Is the miscarried and Molly. Right James long and very complicated situation there thank you for the update.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"U.S. officials learned an American was held in Burkina Faso for weeks without them knowing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63007040","title":"4 hostages freed by French special forces after rescue 'from hell'","url":"/International/video/hostages-freed-french-special-forces-rescue-hell-63007040"}