'Hotel Rwanda' hero stands trial on terror-related charges

Paul Rusesabagina, the hotel manager who allegedly housed thousands of refugees during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, is facing terror-related charges in Rwanda that could land him a life sentence.
7:04 | 04/14/21

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Transcript for 'Hotel Rwanda' hero stands trial on terror-related charges
You may recall the 2004 blockbuster hotel for Wanda about real life hero poll nuisance of a keen on who at the height of never wanting genocide reportedly helped save more than. 1000. People when they took shelter at a hotel where he was a manager. Now nearly twenty years after that movie came out Paul is back in row Wanda but this time in jail. And charged with more than a dozen terror related offenses if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison. So exactly how big her wand his hero and up behind bars ABC's Maggie will be has the story. It's a story of heroism in the midst of a brutal genocide that became immortalized by holy hood. Don Cheadle playing the real life homer to subpoena in hotel room Wanda. These are not that I must. Some they would do it just kinda ticks and mining fleet week. The Oscar nominated movie showing how pole apparently helped more than a thousand people take shelter and hotel de neat clean. During what wonders dork is states. In 1994 genocide wearing just 100 terrifying inviting winter days. Nearly one million ethnic Tutsis were killed by Hutu extremists them after the movie's release Paul quickly descended to fame. Giving highly paid speeches around the world even receiving the presidential medal of freedom. Without that shelter every one of them would almost surely have been killed. But in real life softened nastier than it looks on the big screen. Now the man who was once the darling of the international community has found himself behind bars in his home country fighting for his reputation and freedom. Was a bit you know her and put you on. Was put everything in groups that committed to a certain he had 94. Eric that this keep people. If did this if he doesn't miss him people who have been. Route one in prosecutors have charged him with thirteen terror related offenses including financing terrorists complicity in murder and forming a rebel group. Paul has maintained his innocence. It is allegation. Or unruly. A regime in power in. Paul who's a permanent US resident and whose family lives in San Antonio. Alleges he was came Barbara wonder authorities back in August something we want as president vehemently denies. Does not keep him out but doesn't know and never on would bring. In the process of it is addicting here. Paul claims he was tricked by a pastor into boarding a private jet while transiting to divine thinking he was going to speak at churches in Burundi. They sell going to speak his speeches and asked them to churches and I didn't think too much into it because meant that meant that. Has spoken to churches in the past. Instead the plane landed in Rhode Wanda. Where he was promptly arrested. Ian being held in its spell. Out how arena. He's not sell all when he. Or eight if it's ready meant that our. Key. Now. You usually. Get not. I'll. Human Rights Watch says his arrest amounted to an enforced disappearance serious violation of international law. In recent years polls become an outspoken critic of Deborah wanting government and some of its luster has faded. Paul's families now trying to remind the international community of his legacy and injustices he's facing. This is a soundtrack if you're dissidents and and one guy he can Coolidge. He can get entries in its eight in nineteen get killed and on top of that my father has a platform that prison and kagame. Doesn't like you know my father has been able to tell the world that has has had the test of the world. About what happens no one back. From London strongman president Paul Kagame is often called the darling tiny ranked. The US is one of his staunchest allies and oldest supporters. Some credit him with turning the country into an economic powerhouse for the region in the years after the genocide. But this could gunman has been consolidating power now for decades it's known for seeking out his instincts. Walruses green has adopted daughter on my niece whose biological parents died in the genocide. Believes that ever since the 2004 film came out president could only is highly personal vendetta against her father. When my father receive that presidential medal of freedom could gunman also increase his attacks on him. Hit with our house has come but conducted several times. Must they had to Wear blue.

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{"duration":"7:04","description":"Paul Rusesabagina, the hotel manager who allegedly housed thousands of refugees during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, is facing terror-related charges in Rwanda that could land him a life sentence. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77056768","title":"'Hotel Rwanda' hero stands trial on terror-related charges ","url":"/International/video/hotel-rwanda-hero-stands-trial-terror-related-charges-77056768"}