Hugo Chavez Dead at 58 After Battling Cancer

Venezuela's controversial socialist president loses fight against pelvic cancer.
1:36 | 03/05/13

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Transcript for Hugo Chavez Dead at 58 After Battling Cancer
Outspoken Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez appeared to never back down from the challenge Chavez's rise to power was rocky born in an impoverished neighborhood he joined the military academy and began pushing for social reform. But his first attempt backfired in 1992. When he helped stage a military coup to overthrow the Venezuelan government and failed. Fifteen years in prison Chavez went from soldier to politician and he won the 1998. Presidential election. Home home and -- cared about -- this woman says he did not -- anything you need but he gave it to my people. During his presidency Chavez was very critical of the US he objected to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and during this United Nations speech. Even referred to president George W. Bush as the double. I did at the -- -- yesterday. And the devil came he. Right here. But it probably smells of sulfur still today -- but talk is also saw his fair share of protests strikes and who attends. He used his country's oil to form connections with world powers and developed relationships with Iran and Cuba. In 2011. He was diagnosed with cancer after several surgeries and chemotherapy -- has claimed he had recovered. We need 2012. Woman and never -- you know things. -- Chavez ran Venezuela for more than fourteen years as a virtual one man show for any successor it will be a hard act to follow. Brady -- ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":18659771,"title":"Hugo Chavez Dead at 58 After Battling Cancer","duration":"1:36","description":"Venezuela's controversial socialist president loses fight against pelvic cancer.","url":"/International/video/hugo-chavez-dead-58-battling-cancer-18659771","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}