Hundreds of protesters clash with police in Paris near Arc de Triomphe

The French president promised action after the worst riot in more than a decade.
3:13 | 12/03/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hundreds of protesters clash with police in Paris near Arc de Triomphe
Many of us have seen the videos of the riots that took place over the weekend 100 people injured we've seen the flyers and Ian panel joins us now live. From Paris in want to get a sense of is there any sense said this is about to end any time soon. We'll puzzle Lindsey let's have a look at the picture behind me because can be mood different. From those harrowing images in every room was saving trouser suits around the world class ass today. Daily on the premise some police say it rush hours off to traffic out at Christmas lights are up. A right to the plot that he opted you know which is pretty much CFP cents a all of these protests that took place homes out today. Many of the people that were peaceful but many more were violence. This protest it's essentially about an increase in the cost of gas prices of fuel a living cost. The people who are angry that people feel that president Mac clone it's out of touch. Would the real living costs and the people who live out in the suburbs and outs in the countryside. That was the third Saturday in a row that they've come into the cities hit it was the most violent protests that Paris has seen. It more than ten kids so we soul. Standoff class is they police using water cannon firing tear gas at protestors throwing projectiles. That was snipers up on the rooms there were bands of people moving around the city setting fire to cars over attending modes of box. We interviewed one American woman tourist who is here who filmed from Ambien Bailey they ran down the road. As the mob came towards them. And she filmed the crowd down of the balsam lenses but there Rana case destroying a lot of vehicles that so. Your first question is there any sense that this is going to end anytime soon I don't think so there's the real standoff between the two sides in the expectation. Is that it could be more protests next sack today but today Monday. We'll look perfectly normal and I really festive. What does it saying that the government is reacting to these protests. So he is part of the problem. Is the protest movement itself is kind of points organic get him it's ounce of social media. So we'll let the opposition parties is a vaulting that would protest movement and really parts of it. Teva president black chrome who's refusing to back down from increasing the taxes on gas prices he says his is necessary. To trying to global warming the people out to the suburbs in the countryside as saying you don't understand we need are vehicles. This is really hitting us hard in the pockets to difficult time of yet and we can't continue to afford to pay those increased prices. But the problem is who do you want to negotiate ways now. There is a sensitive from colleagues who work here in Paris because it became so violence on set today. Perhaps there will be reluctance to come out on the streets again perhaps at those who gets of the holiday. People will be less willing to come out some protest. But the moment the mood is hard on both sides. And is certain sense in some quotes is that this could go wrong. A good go much further. In panel for us live in Paris thank you so much for your time Ian.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"The French president promised action after the worst riot in more than a decade.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"59579560","title":"Hundreds of protesters clash with police in Paris near Arc de Triomphe","url":"/International/video/hundreds-protesters-clash-police-paris-arc-de-triomphe-59579560"}