Indian farmers taking a stand

ABC News’ Ian Pannell reports on the hundreds of thousands of farmers in India demanding the repeal of new agricultural laws as they fight for a living wage.
6:24 | 02/18/21

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Transcript for Indian farmers taking a stand
It if celebrities like Rihanna on social media you've probably heard about the massive unprecedented protests from raging in India. At least one of the more recent ones may have been the largest in a generation these protests are threatening the power structure of the world's largest democracy. They're being waged by farmers fighting for a fair living wage in panel has more. Ginny gin IN disappointing but he's going to be good. He too and hundreds of thousands of farmers who packed up left their homes and families to join. What's being reported as the largest protest in the world. This movement is the movement of the masses but in the course of the richest farmer this movement is for everyone. From bullet clashes with police. Just to win Delhi's historic red pools. These promised India's largest food jingle subpoena to in the streets for months now. Protesting prime minister Moody's controversial new agricultural. Tools. Already living hand to males they say it'll push them even further into poverty. This is not just a farmers' problem farmers won't suffer alone this'll be a problem for all of India. The new rules would abolish guaranteed minimum prices for pro Jews set by the government and allowed bond is to set the price instead. The promus fear this would be disastrous driving down the hearing comes despite a pledge by prime minister moody to doubled them by next year. He insists the rules give farmers the freedom to directly so produced a ball as an shack killing them. But instead the bulls have shaken in his 150. Million land owning almost to the cool. And the anger the protest. Show no signs of letting them. The phone was movements has captured the attention of the world even celebrities outside of India's tweeting that supports. But the millions in the country this is deeply personal. Over half of India's one point three billion people really owns some kind of foaming to get Bonnie yeah a lot of buzz or lack it these are all the animals but they're very important to more foreign. It's thanks to them we have our livelihood. Right now the world's largest democracy is in turmoil. We neither side willing to give way Indies Supreme Court suspended the rules until further notice. But the phone was want to full repeal. Thousands of them refused to return home instead staying in the east ruling makeshift camps on the edge of India's capital. Always to be into the city unless Flutie repeals the new rules. Jay there's been here since November sleeping in this truck with seven. All of the diplomas go to other we all sleep here and change here and here the tank drew visitors will be used to take offense. These protests have brought people together picnic. Maps sarbanes. People from all religion race Hindus Muslims Sikhs Christians. Now stand united with the sense of fraternity cannot hear politicians who try to divide us. He spread rumors about other communities. That's how they do politics. Otherwise humankind is one. Same blood runs for all of us. Jay this has a four and a half acre farm in the third till stage of Harry you don't one of the largest following regions in India. He grows wheat to the release that. And. But to bring in more income he still is a growing vegetables but while he's away slicing for their future. His family must still carry on running the foam tending to crawl space how to kick that they do play but I tell you. We all did a farm in not a surrender and we are born into poverty and married into property it can feel like a losing battle. His whole family must live wolf just 1000 dole as income a year. But they've had to go right to invest in the form of the saddled with thirteen thousand told his dance. Farming is a very costly business and sometimes when there's a drought or a flood. He can't handle the expenses. There are so many expenses which is why I am dead. He's not alone according to the Indian government's own figures more than half of old farmers a ring debts. And the many of the burden is too much to bed. Over the last two views people who twenty Rosenthal was true that route loans. Mainly due to debts and bankruptcy. I got I. Got up people have passed away and to this day moody confined it was hard to pays respects and it departed. What kind of cruel to you since. These protests from a huge test for the world's largest democracy. Moody's government has been criticized the controversial new citizenship. Rules. And targeted restrictions on Internet access last year India ranking 111. Out of 162. Only human freedom index. This is killing democracy the people's rights are being substituted. Its our right to gather. And this past September Amnesty International ceased operations in the country citing a government witch hunts after the NGOs bank accounts were frozen. But the governments insist the tax only for the public safety. And simple opinion polls still suggest movies government remains hugely popular. Crumbling off institutions. That has taken place. I'm lack of any kind of independent accountability in the country. Is extremely Whiting. But these protests of his biggest political challenge today yeah. This movement will not fail. All the farmers of India are one in this movement we stand united we will only move when we are victorious. Victory shall be ours and the evil laws we'll have to be taken back he'll handle. To ABC news life. Protesting their for months are thanks to Ian.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"ABC News’ Ian Pannell reports on the hundreds of thousands of farmers in India demanding the repeal of new agricultural laws as they fight for a living wage. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"75960242","title":" Indian farmers taking a stand","url":"/International/video/indian-farmers-taking-stand-75960242"}