Inquest into Pret allergy death

Coroner says labeling on baguette was inadequate.
1:52 | 09/28/18

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Transcript for Inquest into Pret allergy death
Hey guys it's mind and money you're watching ABC news five we have an update for you about it if we told you about early this week. And yes the fifteen on the hot stagnant laughter he'd I didn't play sixteen on a British Airways flight. From London kidneys and her parents say it's because she ate a baguette from itemize it had Stephanie and it at a Monday. Failed to labeled the Allergan. Now an inquest is in a trial at the doctor essentially determine the content death in making recommendations. And doctors oncoming. Recorded a narrative verdict finding that the teenager was reassured by the lack of Pacific morning. On the packaging let me read you what he's that he admits I'm Chad in the lab for his diet and an awful act that they need on July 17 2015. After eating a baguette and that's purchased from at a Monday at London Heathrow terminal five's that we knew that there was no specific allergy information on the baguette packaging. Are on the food display cabinet and it's posthumous reassured by that inquest outfit is at a Monday at having an incoherent system. In monitoring complaints and they couldn't learn from that in the year prior to ms. hatch is that there were nine different complaints. Specifically about Stephanie and specifically alleging that had a much they had failed to lift sesame act now legend for of those cases. Now because this wasn't a criminal trial there are actually charges that the corner at the doctor will make recommendations that he's reading three separate letters his reading one. Fred how much rather help the company at their current method of lately and adding that he's ready winds up happy and coming up her father used to keep an eye on it tops a on the flight twice. And it didn't work. Corner it's time the company that actually the meals weren't long after that third letter he's reading is the environment minister here in the UK telling him to really focus. On food lately I'm calling had been London thinks it's getting and you've been watching ABC news fly.

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{"duration":"1:52","description":"Coroner says labeling on baguette was inadequate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"58156717","title":"Inquest into Pret allergy death","url":"/International/video/inquest-pret-allergy-death-58156717"}