Inside the Affordable Art Fair

ABC News' Louise Dewast takes us inside the Affordable Art Fair in London.
11:15 | 03/10/16

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Transcript for Inside the Affordable Art Fair
So I mean baptists he caught in southwest London and today is the fact they add add ons and annual affordable art fair. Eyes and a full fat like this every year in the UK and just a BB and I did not he would be sold about 151000. Pieces. So the way it works is that there are thousands and artists. Doesn't emerging artists and galleries as well that he mob and I gather under one scene we've. And they're signing pieces that are between husbands Pulitzer dog is and 7000. So we're gonna go for little school and are you on ice solar few pieces that I when he sure you saint Paul's done. So there about a 116. Boundaries. That are exhibiting. Here today and I want to show you one that's really cool my eyes. I'd listen. But supply is keeping me that's love play. Lieutenant butterflies mete out a paper. Yes so I actually have the gallery owner here with us is gonna tell us and build it. Panetta good morning say thank you for being on our lives namely the ABC can eat up until that high. It's. So eleven. And that several factories that British relatives. And he's very influenced by Victorian pay cuts it. She uses. Who hand cuts to each bus flies individual. That these this kind of concentric. Creation. Is it is study of entomology. And what she's doing is. She didn't keep varies she dares the yet but hate contents. It's a stamp series. So sit down series of money so currency. As media outlets and see until currents in the house actually. Supplies and lead us so very organic and very people the site itself the product that still dying on us. And then she would seasons. Comics so I don't tenants. This is made him. Made of comic comic Piccard comment that paper. Great and how much do these. These range from. I mean slightly smaller pieces around 800 pounds. As another thousand dollars two rounds. 34000. Pounds. But it Stan. It's great think he says I'm sit and think hey we're gonna continue to tool. King in this of it that. Other office did today so this is the five day and it's running until Sunday. A lot of different styles on display there are just one type of art that looks like they've pop art and media. We cover the whole. I'm city you. City and several. I told. Yeah it's. I asked Canadians the old cases. Old prices old Hays. As really lots of different different kinds and as one. There's one piece that I want to show you actually several keys it's a connection. It's the special. I connection this kid abouts David Berry it's a tribute to David Bentley. That's I want to try and she as much like time. Through. Several artists were awesome contribute to this tribute. And their artists who inspired by David bedding obviously is a British. Pop artists who possibly very very recently and I want to bring in. The curator while the gallery and there he's gonna tells a little bit more about this connection. It. He's seen apple. Mixes by me but David Manning. Houston pain because they need to eyes and such enormous time and I decided to guess we'll my favorite artists to dispatch Steve they say. Great and thus lending comical. That. Reference in Timothy this guy does not work for the FT how to spend days in vacated doing pieces. How much are these pieces these parents need eight guy named Anderson's book and we like. The minute. He ink and paint he thought he'd like to meet again I am 61 piece of me. That it's. And it. May native. Wouldn't it. He kept reporting it. If that. She. You've done. It. He say he hasn't seen anything. On the day. That's just me. It's ski. In light duke only he makes. If you. A eighties when it came back and his country's yet. And American. This month he did peace and I think how. He's being any Americas. He's not an eyes and it is pieces Batiste often stay here in London planes. Sistani nicest man and another vehicle cut time minutes. And it's guys haven't. Even David and he is. Some crew nightmare he. Very well thank you semis against him yeah. Sit there are different kind of people that come to this Aaron but I with Nancy there are two types and people. There are first time by news that are. Sneered at by the fast real Peter piece of odds but there Wilson could taxes that are here dance. Let got it magic are this and have me find that often next up and coming stop. Say about that the adults we'll that I can get you from here today. And it. Yeah it's been lovely that we think I had an Adobe and asked them how things are maybe you know from your conversations there it not for something like that an art fair that. You know build as affordable art for people. Out where to meet artists show I mean how would they be trying to get word out about these pieces were it not for something like that. Yes Wallace it's. All the artists here aren't acknowledges British artist our international artists and bring a mixture. Artists that have very Lily Kristin there also a mid carrier ideas that just haven't had the opportunity. To get the exposure. That other most famous artist top and actually I show you the keys behind me we wanted to see that outside action he passionately. Yeah. That's agreed to say this is I should be. One of the pieces that were made by the younger the younger artists he's graduated actually very recently. And it's giving him this staff for example is doing giving him every big top home. See exhibits. This information I can stream thickness of what is that life. Louise what exactly call I love knowing what the what how hard it. If they. Deliver the message read their pieces minutes have a bank. On I think avenue birthday present case if. These and I going my way where you would put mayor don't think I will make room. How is being in what I want them to be and always. I really fitted helmet is followed. Things being what I want them to be and not what they're supposed to be that and it shares see astronauts. Prison in phase there's another 101. On the ground it. Coming in here happy I have on I've gone back of his attorney growing. That actually. Goes really well with the feeling. Well. But the feeling was is that part of the art installation. Is just happy coincidence no now and I'm Sarah. It's actually Canadian Canadian student here that. It. News who made this beast she graduated in 2011. Her name is Farrah for tape and if that is running. Maybe you. Hey. You know. It's. This is when he made. What she graduated in 2011. And this was hot and have final contacts. It they're costly sit there is that something you find out that gallery's owners or their right there is now a cop usually won't hold up. Say it. Only other pieces do you have prices attached to that but this one because it's one of their special. Projects had today there is no prize. On it's new you have to make especially crier it's. To see if you're if it's Q what if you can get it said it now and I didn't outline. Well when you do last see if they'll give us a discount can only get on an hanging one on the other I think that the present not where where are you going to put it had to decide. Definitely need I'm. I think that you know front entryway like we knew an effort that we question for you or with a to get on your way and chopping. Need it in the affordable art there. Are well. Off. Is there anything you can give it a look at your community and that is sort of lower rates 30000. Odd well what was that it. Yes. I I must say they're not bound many that aren't that aren't that price nice have been might stay out of bounds 60700. Dollars. The ones that are on the cheap decide our friends. Like calling finding does this look a little bit and try and find some. Now icy lake for example of these. These pieces here are about a thousand dollars each day if I'm not seeing a man. I believe we live your mission of the residents and that's it you can't find a few more. On the lower and that affordable scale the hunt for a part part of the affordable art hair back. But it beautiful look at it really really cool I will let you know I soon and I find one. Absolutely it we should note that this is an effort that's not just an island in these things take place all around the world in different cities you've been to one and I didn't want I think the one here in New York City and just it's it's a similar. Problem which is there's amazing art and I'm sure that it's affordable for some people in for the artists like an that your definition right but all. But but it can get pretty expensive and I imagine that that the astronaut I'm going to get you is gonna cost me quickly capped but it's worth it.

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