Intense fighting underway in eastern Syria over last IS-held village

U.S.-backed forces launch final battle to overtake the village of Baghouz.
4:43 | 02/11/19

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Transcript for Intense fighting underway in eastern Syria over last IS-held village
Well president trump says this is the week that the curtain will finally fall on I aces. In Syria and the extremist group which had been kicked out of Iraq. Now has a fine any title forged with tiny foothold in that country US backed Kurdish forces are launching a final battle right now to eliminate the extremists. And our James Longley is coming to us live now from the region using her real Iraq James it's great to see inhabit have you with us to kick off the show today. Give us the latest what's happening with that operation. To root out license. Hi Devin yes I right now the focus is only a tiny Vinny schooled by goose. It sits on the board everything hand Iraq. And east in Syria right down. Along the Euphrates River. And we think something that region about five to 600 ice this fight this could be in that as I hesitate to give you numbers that is really difficult to know exactly. But according in the loss remnants that fighting feud the remains all of the great ice is kind of fake fighting against as you say there is Kurdish forces backed up by. The US led coalition with as strikes. And with artillery fire says it is a long flights has been a long fight to get. Down to this place if you if you look at that part of the world is the Euphrates River have winds down into Syria there isn't. Under the those villages dull down the river bank and one by one those villages have been falling but one by one the civilians have been fleeing. And that is also a big part of this fight because no immunity to these people need to be looked oft. The Kurdish particularly a very very sensitive. Two ice is flights is are now melting back into the population so those people having to be processed. It is not a clear picture a whole through the combatants who is a civilian. And of course this the civilian casualties mount as those as strikes and as artillery strikes continue site. Quick thinking that they clock is ticking to a complete elimination of ice is held territory and now formal cents. But getting rid of my system good from this part of the world that is not a victory that anyone can say is going to happen this week. Yet James is. And ask you about that it's it's sort of striking that five years ago we just just five years ago ice has surged to power in Iraq and Syria as you said about 99. Percent of that territory has been retaken. But they're not going away help us understand that even though the territory may be taken back. They can still pose a terror threat. Yeah that's right I think it's helpful to think of ice this time and it's strength in three ways does this territory and he. But then it's in that capacity to launch attacks and how strong. Those and those attacks can be and then it's in the number of troops that they can say all apps that come on and in those second two ways. Crisis is still a very powerful threat they've been able to launch attacks. Inside formally liberated areas of both Iran and Syria we've seen seen US troops casualties. All of those attacks. And in terms of troop numbers all individuals who consider themselves to be. Pol all of ice this will be US State Department itself says something the reason of 20000. Man. Would call themselves eyes despite his or they're on 20000 ice despite this some way in Iraq and Syria this very much. Is not a threat that is going away it did have the possibility is off day the US troop withdrawal would think something and reason about two X 2000 US troops on in Syria the moment. Often they leave it we've ended those individuals decide to regroup and mount an insurgency and not is what this country is worried about. It gives you mentioned those US troops several thousand still there we've been hearing a lot here in Washington about president Trump's plan to pull them all out. What roller they plane in this final operation to kick ice this out of Syria. What we think something and the reason two maybe 3000. Soldiers troops on Hayes and how are in Syria. I'm and they they don't playing front line relevant and very much in the thick of it in terms of that well they've been training troops. They've been offering their vice in the and in the consulting basis and providing as support and that they are close to the action and how there's an aloe mall. And school the -- mile oil field which is the US base. Quite close to the front line and just before just over the weekend that was an ice this attack on mount base ten. Ice this fight is on motorbikes rapid suicide belts apparently tried to make their way two got to that base say they are very months still in the thick of it. The wall troubles them out of size that may well happen. Pages long man coming to us live from her mobile Iraq James fantastic reporting think so much support the scene much more from you throughout the week.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"U.S.-backed forces launch final battle to overtake the village of Baghouz.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"60995990","title":"Intense fighting underway in eastern Syria over last IS-held village","url":"/International/video/intense-fighting-underway-eastern-syria-held-village-60995990"}