A Look From Inside Erbil, Iraq As ISIS Moves Closer To Strategic City

U.S. airstrikes target Sunni militants to stop genocide of Yazidis and Christians.
19:03 | 08/08/14

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Transcript for A Look From Inside Erbil, Iraq As ISIS Moves Closer To Strategic City
You can. -- -- American airstrikes in Iraq US troops left the country in December 2011. The United States today part of the group that calls itself the Islamic state that is taken over major damage. And it's spreading its control. Over more of the country right now. Hot spot in Iraq. Went on Dan. The group notice vices and that is now calling itself the Islamic state. Has taken over huge swaths of land in Iraq after taking control of most of northern Syria. Crisis is now controlling major strategies and locations in rock group now causing ethnic minorities. Flee for their lives BBC's James dropped more air strike in -- situation. Of ethnic is CDs and Christians. In Northern Iraq. For months the extremists -- -- is now calling themselves simply Islamic state. Been pumping out -- as they seems more and more of Iraq threatening the breakup of the country. But now for the first time the islamists have come under direct American attack. The Pentagon says two FA eighteen -- -- dropped laser guided bombs on militants shelling Kurdish forces. These -- to be first pictures of an American strike. America acted because this city of -- -- is now under threat. There -- US personnel that the President Obama keeps stressing the limits of his action. To stop the advance on -- bill. I've directed our military to take targeted strikes against Beisel terrorist convoys should they move toward the city. But Washington is also committed to helping religious minorities facing -- by the is that -- These pictures of the UZD people fleeing for their lives on to a barren mountain without food or water shocks the world. And today speaking from the mountain one of -- leaders stressed that vulnerability. All classes now land is very very close from where I stand and now there is -- Among them to find new line of resistance. They will kill all of us and we don't think we have enough time. Now the first supplies have -- some of the new CD. Iraqi authorities say these pictures -- impossible to verify show a helicopter delivering a the UCB religions hold -- -- the christianity or Islam but is enough to make them targets of the extremists who overran the town. When we face a situation like we do on that -- With innocent people facing the prospect. Of violence on a horrific scale. We have a mandate to help in this case a request from the Iraqi Government. And when we have the unique capabilities to help avert a massacre that I believe the United States of America cannot -- -- why not. Facing this crisis let's look for us to the plight -- the -- the forced to flee their homes and seek refuge here -- high up on the barren slopes of the mountains above -- -- This map shows they took what's really the only road up the mountain. And we now have reports that some essential supplies including food and water have apparently been delivered from the in an effort to keep them alive. But -- -- the Islamist extremists tried to pursue them up the mountain. The hope must be that they could be spotted and attacked by American strike Ashcroft. Further east the other religious minority under threat from the jihadist is the Christian community. Then made to send to the town of -- quote has already fallen. Among those Christensen did escape some have now reached the Kurdish city of -- As Christian refugees streamed into a deal costing Kurdish forces defending the city. Iraq's persecuted minorities. Urging the outside world to do more to protect. Well I didn't. In Brussels some of the extended families of the Dizzy -- trapped on the mountainside. Appealed for action to end what they will -- genocide. In London an emergency meeting of ministers authorized British military involvement in relief missions to drop -- But not in any sort of combat action. Focuses on assisting the humanitarian. Mission using our military in support of the Americans. In terms of refueling and surveillance to underpin the then mission two two it was food drops of -- The focus of a drops will be the year's -- -- still out on the mountain. Their desperate plight has come to symbolize the -- a threat to an entire region. To influence -- this. Want to bring improvements journalists Omar Omar from the city of mobile the focus of so much attention right now an international community. And Omar when I ask you about this -- -- protected by Kurdish forces but obviously. Vices has it in its target. Well I think it's it's clear for our citizens clear for everyone got crisis is not capable to -- I believe I believe it's. Totally different from -- it is they took. Because there there is no a public acceptance for forces like crisis. Plus that the best market forces are pretty well. Trained and ready and they have a good morrow she -- and they're not dead they're places it's just the fact that. -- ice is there are no limits they are just not me -- -- -- delightful. Cars vehicles. And that just moving out -- -- everything on their way. And they got debt to act. Basically they had their power -- from the do we needs of the Iraqi Army to -- the -- armed army melted away aren't -- -- the ices. How how. Powerful they are now about facing the best market forces it's thoughtfully at different situation. Of -- -- -- Most feared the population media are totally against ices it won't be possible to take our beating world. Definitely want you duke. Two targets -- -- not because they think they they will be able to. Take it it's just because they want -- Destroyed just stay ability and the Konami -- booming and this is -- The US making its first air strikes -- first attempt its first effort in this as the president had outlined last night. -- as far as strategy going forward what is the general consensus among Iraqis as far as how the US is handling us. Well. Generally the people are not truly happy -- -- that the United States I'm -- this in Wallace really as strange how. Misstep but Obama are presented as he looks -- kind of shrine to tell about -- supporting their best allies in the in the region. Because where the best applies for the Americans they -- dates for the war curing the Iraqi -- freedom operation. They support the Iraqi and the American forces in -- in Iraq they -- beat the Americans to say it's stabilized. Central Iraq. You. To try to stop this this -- -- Iraq. There weapons there where the ones who always making compromise to get the Americans. In a position -- -- the Iraqi people's. Even the courtesy to where most of the time accused by the could just people out there they -- do too much. Compromise for the Americans. But it -- always. BDD uncertainty Americans will. Help and protect Kurds in case there will be new tricks now the threat is there and the Americans are not truly. Helping the way that -- supposed to be. The Kurds are. These the Villa Villa where always the other pop -- Iraq the other Iraq was an example for us they believe people -- for. Economical booming and if ices. What matters to destroy this stability. I think one of the good people would -- they -- -- -- -- Responsible for -- the United States united state is not hasn't. Don't have to do that only just in the lives of French Curtis but there are also committed -- strategic obscurity. Agreement with Iraq. The fact that date date they don't know how to decide the next Iraqi Government will. Doesn't mean that they don't have did you teach you protect people who they won't -- -- team. Jim outside BP ACDs he'd be Christians. It's not about protecting the criticized reasons about protecting the people without leaving this area. I -- it is difficult to make a blanket statement for a large group of people with very diverse opinions. -- thoughts on how to proceed forward but it is the consensus is that most Iraqis would like to see boots on the ground would -- like to see a supplemental forced to the Iraqi Army. Come via the US military or -- -- just a stronger US military budget presence in general. Well the thing is the united state has to show it's serious news in this just says that -- that's sending couple Jetsons saying. Well we are fighting the hikes has until very to protect US perhaps -- -- there -- no beating its. It's not a kind of telling the people wiest and behind these people and we protect them -- Even if they don't send boots on the -- out to be command say we will protect his people and we will support them. We should not forget that -- -- How -- a lot of compromises. Trying to. -- -- -- Negotiating this with the Americans helping the Iraqi. Army most of the Americans eco the cook Mendes was sent to the Iraqi Army -- I'm now. Used by our uses the ice is is is using. A -- huge amount. American weapons and ammunition and -- and the other -- Using all Russian weapons who lost a kind of like people eat that -- -- of the Iraqi. I mean -- shouldn't. Stuff -- -- was there as has the Americans came in and now if if DD -- wants to protect their areas they have to go to to the black market invite all -- and in addition. It's it's it's not the fact that you. The -- the united state has to send puts on the ground they have to clearly tell the people. We are here to support democracy in Iraq this is the piece of the part of Iraq we always. Julie in this is the pocket of Iraq's would they could -- Clear -- independence but. But -- wishes they came back. They sat with the Iraqis they decided to leave. With the Iraqis. And to make east. Operation Iraqi Freedom a successful crime operation. And now it's it it's the fact that. No once the house -- the Americans. And just get this is what what what what does not they sent troops on -- -- It's not only that coordinates the serious -- of protecting charts. Is far is that used CDs hiding in the mountains now what do we know about any possible. Efforts that are in place or even discussions -- far is rescuing them -- getting them into some kind of safe holding. Well the deepest -- forces are trying to -- skewed. Corridors that that there where one's what one conduct that and you know no oppression by up by eight -- -- target and the Iraqi side and -- Syrian side almost 111000 of the easy these are not going to save lays down a lot of -- Still on -- in the mountain we don't have an exact number of slogan because nobody knows how many years CDs remained in -- -- Thomas and -- how many -- killed on the way. And how -- -- on the top of the mountain. -- with the kind. Post -- -- materials that the current discussed -- guys they're trying to send them terrorist. As much does it -- -- help that they can. And are trying also what you hope to fight to open up another. Safe corridor to get these people down from the mountain to its -- -- what a total crisis and its spread how much of the country is under. That group's control. Well unfortunately it's a big part of Iraq it's it's almost -- and the areas. Kurtz has no. About 1050. Kilometers border with with crisis. And on this or -- -- product date they are controlling also bit. Area in the record is that they are moving treaty between Iraq and Syria. -- it's it's that the fact that they. How much. Idiot that you control is about importing can. If we compared with the fact home. -- Movable they hope -- they can move and attack and terrify people. Doubt cried. That out quite that big area under their control. There have been many videos circulated online far too graphic to show. But that contained footage of crisis committing mass executions of -- Iraqis. The brutality is almost beyond description. That's true that's true. I. Actually -- is is is trying to tell -- Middle East. That out totally different from al-Qaeda al-Qaeda was trying to build a society that it sir. -- -- What they call it -- operate -- -- means adults. What -- is trying to duties to build a community. That is only the people who they believe in nice is -- says. Why -- -- -- so brutal they are killing anyone who they don't feed to their ideas. And they they op truly proud to show that in order to -- the other people's. In case -- -- will be that they will be neighboring. Axis in this that this is attacked while. The people are -- -- decide how worried about. -- is attacking this is -- they know that. They give you would never. We just -- be even if they do -- it will never be able to stay in it but they know. As far as they can date date date concrete stable -- -- just trying to genocide in all the peoples. I would I want to add something to that. It's not just about. Another religion it's not just about kids CDs and Christen. And this is why they massacred and this is why they. Genocide and it's about. The people who they don't believe in ices this. Ideology anyone who doesn't believe -- -- I agility is their enemy and -- -- terrify people. And this is how -- excuse and kill and take lives the way they did they walk without any any kind of justification. -- Omar you yourself on a personal reflection on this were caught in this conflict injured during this. What will continue what can you tell me about what happens. What I can tell you. QB. To be honest it it not only about the people who. They get into it seven Iraq has been going to war and -- Multi is that it is if Iraq -- something like 5000 years -- start the wars and different and kind of is doesn't there has achieved the Iraqis never seen that time he was state cricket. Psychologically destabilize. Their lives and duties like other people in. Not looked on the in rich countries but also in April in poor countries. The Iraqis are suffering. And I can imagine. -- seen injure people in hospitals. I think peoples who they were kids who they were losing their -- woman -- -- losing their oh husband's old woman's losing. It's it's it's really terrible to see someone getting shot or somebody -- -- torture or somebody gets in. Under. Any kind of president because of his religion -- because of his ethnic. -- -- He's not listed certain. It's it's unfortunate what's what's happening in -- ABC news this. Employee to get the best. Kind of -- -- treatment in the war. Abdallah people what they don't get that there are a lot of people lake they cannot even afford. Page is caving to the mountain -- -- -- -- -- -- they they don't even have caused these K they have to war all the way. And this is this is how they get caught them all over the world they get torture they get killed they. They they see their debt their proper person. I was getting killed in front of them it's it's it's that time that the Iraqis should be supported to end this. -- -- -- That -- international community helps the Iraqis to. And -- -- all of those kind of ideology those kinds of military groups. Without moving around and -- it. It's it's really -- Acceptable that -- -- not smoke. Community sits in wars says such a group like prices go bald every day I -- just looking at that. And contaminates without moving the finger at you to help bust people. Is the safety that is obviously -- times the focus of so many. News organizations and other relief organizations on there that that doesn't get enough of -- appreciation and -- are we we are. Glad to see that that in fact. You are doing well and we appreciate your time and end the inside that -- Bonilla took pride. From -- mobile thank you appreciate that. Thank you don't. Of course you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading ABC news -- -- -- store for exclusive updates on -- -- you've been watching international hotspots. -- -- --

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{"duration":"19:03","description":"U.S. airstrikes target Sunni militants to stop genocide of Yazidis and Christians.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"24908179","title":"A Look From Inside Erbil, Iraq As ISIS Moves Closer To Strategic City","url":"/International/video/international-hotspot-inside-erbil-iraq-isis-moves-closer-24908179"}