International Hotspot: Saddam's Deputy and Terror's ‘King of Clubs’ Killed in Iraq

Iraqi government officials confirm the death of Saddam Hussein's top senior official, Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, who was killed in an operation outside Tikrit, Iraq.
4:53 | 04/17/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for International Hotspot: Saddam's Deputy and Terror's ‘King of Clubs’ Killed in Iraq
I'm. I'm. Brady right now the last of Saddam Hussein's henchmen east dot Abraham outdoor killed today in Iraq. Is a senior official a man who led insurgents against US forces following the fall of Saddam taken out by Iraqi Government forces outside decree. Right now the international hot spot to creek Iraq. Hello again Cutler in New York during the 2003 US led invasion of Iraq of D'auria appear. On the king of clubs remember that series a playing card pick in Iraq's most wanted list. Well at the time. His place. On in that deck of cards was at number six on the most wanted. Follow the breaking news force is Reuters Middle East editor Sydney and now who'll join us now from Levin Johnson if things much for joining us we appreciate it. What do we know about this operation that led to his death. I mean a new look that it Iraqi forces. I've been looking for presents new reasons for not Austin was stop it because he wasn't incentives he. And decency. Mason City and to all murdered pitching it and and decrees and orders and hot and at being an agent offensive glass front it security forces and the shot in east mission is actually not. Renewed that in the eighties he ticks that want a group of dentists. In. In this area school funding in Kenya and I am which is in the summer homes you progress again isn't hot then. So they kind of credit if it beacon me and that somehow all schools let us Hitler's suicide bombers and hooligans had an amount goes. That was inside let's sadly according to the security sources when they they you're making all that president Dewey deadbeat guys and then being looking for. True or he's used almost to review and has ten million dollars he won't offered. Four he's got to let me as arrogant by the United States was among them still they got ten and you soulful blues. I'll be a man would and would mediate looked like as a Angelique. And it's an eight as according to the governor actually back it is a but you'll accidentally. So essentially then there was as dumb luck then finding him. So I I think you it was so you figure service that this was happenstance let's just call with that if that if they actually found him from a different target of a rate. An agent until it grew off that is from the Islamic states and others. In that any ethical economy and they cut it's going to be a big operation. And they found him on long among those beaten inside. This is like our sources tell us what is his role ban within nicest. I mean the way he Stockton. To the talking Saddam Hussein he had insurgency. Of the remnants of the bus that two. Which let me show you different. I caught in two it was I was Colleen. But after the 2007. And 2009. So this. Lebanon and all are cart. Class and aunt to the boxes which. Insurgency which was and that and bite as an annuity. And god gave them and looked color and legitimacy and they coddled into into and I asked. We still to be an Islamic state that took over Teddy Teddy and a big operation into into last year. Still he was one although cooler all in all spaces and that he does. All of the masses we've gotten nines witnessed an XT eight. Which is out to a far cry. We know he's a big guy I think this is a big goal let however. We don't act it is ending militant activists and XP and to the buses insurgency. Are there is he the last of the higher. Targets that has been sought after. I I believe his long although he's he's welcome mandate you know and pinkie was the mastermind of the insurgency. Solidity is an I cannot call them that but he is and because he's long and being. You know brains behind this Z and one of the main founders of the insurgency. And diesel on war. Ain't got that all of these un offices were experience he is. In the city fighting in they knew that maps and music at age 82. All of the fun factor is who can't come outside. So all they took off one. The major lenders of the insurgency. Art Reuters in the and that's cool with us from Lebanon workers in the affect you so much we appreciate the time of the inside thank you. You've been watching the international hot spot on ABC news digital I'm Dan pepper in New York.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"Iraqi government officials confirm the death of Saddam Hussein's top senior official, Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, who was killed in an operation outside Tikrit, Iraq.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"30392997","title":"International Hotspot: Saddam's Deputy and Terror's ‘King of Clubs’ Killed in Iraq","url":"/International/video/intl-hotspot-al-douri-saddams-deputy-terrors-king-30392997"}