Israel and Gaza reach ceasefire

Fighting has stopped after 23 Palestinians and four Israelis were killed in attacks over the weekend.
2:59 | 05/06/19

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Transcript for Israel and Gaza reach ceasefire
A cease fire seems to have ended a deadly weekend between Israel and Gaza in what was the bloodiest fighting since a 2014 wore it left. 23 dead in Gaza this weekend and four were left dead in Israel's I wanna manager Donna Miller who's in Jerusalem with the update stir Diana. Kimberly quiet has returned to Gaza Strip. Israel and Hamas quietly agreeing behind closed doors to a cease fire and it is. Holding that only negotiated by the UN and Egypt is once again bringing both sides pulling them back from the brink of a whiter escalation. Now this will put an end to one of the most. Finally end. And intense Albers. Of aggression that we have seen between Israel and Hamas since the 2014. Gaza war in just a forty hour period. A more than 650. Militants. A mortars and rockets rained down on southern is well. Putting more than a million Israelis in danger many running to their shelter some actually sleeping in their bomb shelters and see newsrooms. Indy and Fluor Israelis were killed. On the other side the Israeli army carrying out light spread. Airstrikes throughout the Gaza Strip with the IDF says it hit 350. Hamas and Islamic. And she hot targets. Some of those were military bases and cross border tunnels but somewhere. Three cents or five story buildings. It came down. Buildings on the army says were used for Hamas military operations. Israel also tearing out one of a tactic it hasn't used a long time and murdering assassinating want to hamas' operatives. That is something we may see more in the future. But it's something that hasn't been done for many years when not in me and 23 Palestinians were killed among them at least once a pregnant woman not and it's time to. Now the trumpet ministries and without their support for Israel during his time and with triple. Right to defend itself. And now there is some quiet. That Israel's prime minister is coming under some criticism. After being unable after being an hour now intent here is to kind of get a handle over the security situation. Along the Gaza border. There has been more and more intermittent violence there and many Israelis are now asking the prime minister to do you. More until many of the long term kind of systemic issues there's the Gaza Strip many of them coming from the slot key. That Israel and Egypt in post there we are going to likely see more of this in the future. Kimberly. I write it down a thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Fighting has stopped after 23 Palestinians and four Israelis were killed in attacks over the weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62855607","title":"Israel and Gaza reach ceasefire ","url":"/International/video/israel-gaza-reach-ceasefire-62855607"}