Israeli voters to the polls today

Israeli General Benny Gantz faces off against Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu -- who looks to win his 5th term in office and become the longest serving leader in Israel's history.
3:04 | 04/09/19

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Transcript for Israeli voters to the polls today
Voters in Israel are heading to the polls today as Benjamin Netanyahu looks to when. His fifth term in office which would make him. The longest serving leader in Israel's history so I wanna go to they're Donna Miller she's live in Netanyahu's election headquarters with more. A they're not know what's at stake in this election for people in the US and the people of Israel. Well Kimberly this election really has shaped up to be a referendum on the leadership of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. His supporters are flocking behind him saying he is the ultimate statesman he has close ties with the world leaders including president chomping his deep. Only one who can keep them safe from Iran Israel's arch enemy but. Those city who'll be voting against him a call him crew rocks they say he is attacked of the pillars of Israel's democracy to clean his. Clear his name and they really are looking for a change now in terms of what it means for the US. We'll certainly the White House has indicated that they are hoping Netanyahu will win today. Many would argue that child. Gave many election gifts we could call them. The two Netanyahu in the lead up to this election and he and recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights. He hosted Netanyahu at the White House and then he's sent Mike Pompeo to Jerusalem. Kimberly. Yes so as I mentioned. You know if he wins this would be a record fifth term for him being in office. But can you tell us a little bit more about his challenger. Sir his talents are Kimberly is as the former head of the Israeli army general Benny guns. He has seem to really galvanize Israelis who are looking for a change and he is presented himself as a uniter. As someone who's an honest and street shooter so when you can kind of restore. Immunity to Israel and integrity. To the office of the prime minister that of course calling contrasts. Two Israel's prime minister who is facing a potential criminal charges for corruption. I write in obviously Netanyahu needs is right wing base to turn out in big numbers how is he doing that some of them are controversial yes. That's right Kimberly he is you know really trailing in the polls coming into the selection tonight. But because he's part of this rightwing bloc in fairness Ellis a parliamentary system it's about parties not leaders. He can still win even if he ties tonight or trails by a few seats. And he has been basically pivoting to the right to get out his voter base a just over the weekend he said that he would be willing and reduce crime saying actually to. Annex Jewish settlements in the West Bank Muniz and medieval. Controversial decision. Condemned by Palestinian Arab leaders but that is what he's saying he will do we'll see if it will pay off that's about fox for him. Granger Donna thank you so much will be looking for those results.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Israeli General Benny Gantz faces off against Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu -- who looks to win his 5th term in office and become the longest serving leader in Israel's history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62276574","title":"Israeli voters to the polls today","url":"/International/video/israeli-voters-polls-today-62276574"}