Italy, Spain at forefront of Europe's COVID-19 outbreak

Doctors and first responders face equipment shortages and risk their own lives to save others.
5:01 | 03/26/20

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Transcript for Italy, Spain at forefront of Europe's COVID-19 outbreak
683. Lives lost in Italy today alone. Doctors and nurses there on the forefront of an uphill battle putting their lives on the line to try to save. Thousands of patients that come through their doors Maggie ruling has this report. For the past few weeks it's seem to Italy was losing the war with the invisible enemy. But in the last three days Italy's reported cases have slowed. A glimmer of hope the first situation that's ever more dire have over 70000. Infant day. More than 7000 at dead. It's taken an international effort to begin to contain at least cases the Chinese brought their mentally years. The Russians deployed medics and supplies the Americans posted on the front line in December. In the women's words and demeanor. Morning medical. So we're not able to let them go until the symptom and of the Kernen Pryor is our results. At the end of eat her for quite some time this can be challenging. Ariana Huffington thanks to you can check them and then he and brother are doing in my head helping the closest we. Stick up for those at the forefront of this battle within three minutes critical big sell most important political I would say that we're at the end of our strength. We do not have sufficient resources and especially status because apart and everything else out staff are beginning to get to six. In which supplies are always running low every decision helps in this case it means forfeiting basic needs in order to see line. Study art. And these days. All predictions. Not mosques night. Colored short issues we can opt street sound we're doing our sheet. Brought to their products because it's what needs exchanges and to changing and and genes that I can say it wastes. Of prediction. Despite the help from others it's still not enough Italy turning the passenger ship into a floating hospital. We don't that's not enough agencies. Drew a lot of but it's a very polices that care for the sake that seem to be hot dogs for infection. Taking the lives of many of the nation's caretakers. In Italy at least thirty doctors have died since the don't break. Officials warned it was just a matter of time before staying saw their numbers skyrocket to. And they have to. The country reporting astounding numbers despite its street block down nearly 60086. Of those thousands of health care workers infected. You what I thought that within twelve hours of taking a test you're calling me I knew that something's not right and that I was positive and in this video circulating on social media patients on the floor of this hospital somewhere coughing. Field hospitals that looked like they belong in war zones now common site near to. And around he around preparing for the worst to come. Really isn't proof that it's in minute to an analyst countries get more testing more bags and more doctors more supplies. We'll finally released the scene eighteen and is seen this same alert wrenching scenes of caskets and silently waiting. To be laid to rest. And Maggie ruling joins us now Maggie just an awful situation there and a warning to the rest of the world for those doctors on the front lines now in retrospect they think that they could have done anything more to prepare themselves. The island's you know I spoke with some of these doctors earlier today two out of the Milan hospital that's been hit so hard and they boast only the same day that his wish to they had more time. To prepare to get ahead of this they said that though they need more beds they need more ventilator is they need more that personal protection equipment they need. More doctors more trained nurses more of everything they're just so exhausted. And what really stuck with me is they said you know looking at America are looking at Europe. The rest of Europe you guys had time to prepare you have time to get ahead in this you should be building more hospitals right now you should be getting more of these icu beds you should be getting more ventilator is at the training more nurses and so they really hammered that point home that now is the time to prepare it is still not too late but it's getting there and if you don't do these things. You're gonna probably and. I've just like Italy. To hear Lindsay had a tough to hear a bit but wars and we probably need to hear in order to prepare and Maggie switching gears just from a what we heard a warning today from the World Health Organization about countries. Potentially reopening too early. They had this is interesting when he rose other nation coming out I'm really certain. Pointing the finger at countries it's say they want to open up early and be reminded these countries that had this could potentially be dangerous is could infect more people this. It will not be helpful for the world this country start to open up and he really hammered home the point the country's need estate closing needed tax practice social distancing of practices self isolation this according to them is the only way we're really going to start to beat this virus all right Maggie relief for us in London thanks Maggie.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"Doctors and first responders face equipment shortages and risk their own lives to save others.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"69804901","title":"Italy, Spain at forefront of Europe's COVID-19 outbreak","url":"/International/video/italy-spain-forefront-europes-covid-19-outbreak-69804901"}