July 21, 2005: Terror attacks on London's public transport system

Bombs exploded at various London Underground stations and on a double-decker bus.
2:44 | 07/17/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for July 21, 2005: Terror attacks on London's public transport system
Elizabeth I'm outside the Warren street station which is one of the stations hit today. And we're five hours ahead of you here in London but as you can see it is still a lot of activity going on right now police have cordoned off the subway station a few blocks around it. This entire area is now a crime scene. Let me know please pigment. Chaos. Images now so terribly familiar here only this time witnesses say they saw the bomber's flee the scene suddenly I saw a guy. Com informed. This just running well Nina. And this time there were no serious casualties. It all started at 1225. With reports of an explosion at shepherd's bush station. Five minutes later another incident did oval station witnesses on the man they believed was the bomber from mad dash from the train. The guy just run out aside many of escalate. Probably screaming to stop them. Passengers chased him but he got away. 1245 another backpack exploded at Warren street passengers who had not lean fast. People Lipton. For their lives. Armed police fanned out in a hospital adjacent to the station. Searching they said for a six foot two man with wires protruding from his clothes I've member saints have any place in my life. 1:30 PM another explosion on the number 26 bus on hackney wrote it blew out some windows. But it seems the main part of the bomb did not explode. On the back seat of the bus from the top deck was kind of backpack which passengers described what I can describe the smell funny smell coming from that. And it paid to be split. At 3 PM authorities evacuated Whitehall the heart of Britain's government police drew their guns on a man wearing a backpack. Today an added worry some witnesses reported being hit by white powder. Investigators donned protective suits that say they found no evidence of chemical agents. Preliminary tests suggested days devices were similar to the ones used two weeks ago. We know by these things are done that done to diskette people and frightened to make them anxious and worried. In that respect at least the bombers today succeeded needless to say a lot of Londoner so alternate means home today. Companies organize buses people shared taxis some even bought bicycles. But a lot of londoners had no choice but to take the subway.

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{"id":48682925,"title":"July 21, 2005: Terror attacks on London's public transport system","duration":"2:44","description":"Bombs exploded at various London Underground stations and on a double-decker bus.","url":"/International/video/july-21-2005-terror-attacks-londons-public-transport-48682925","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}