Kenyan President Says Terrorists Are 'Defeated' After Killing At Least 72

Officials believe more bodies may be trapped under rubble inside Nairobi mall.
5:35 | 09/24/13

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Transcript for Kenyan President Says Terrorists Are 'Defeated' After Killing At Least 72
This is a special report from -- -- I'm dance company or -- ABC news digital special report the mall in Kenya officially cleared. After a four day siege Kenyan officials did confirm that there are bodies still in the building trapped under rubble. And the -- -- is expected to rise. He -- care -- has more now from Kenya. -- in Nairobi may finally be coming to an end process. I -- border. Don't follow their security him after four days Kenyan troops say they now control the Westgate mall. Combing through the building looking for any remaining terrorist and hostages. They're also looking for explosives. Officials say they believe the militants let the placed booby trapped. Despite assurances from authorities this situation inside the mall remains unclear. And -- small explosions were still heard throughout the day. Social media accounts claiming to be connected to the terrorist said that more hostages were being held -- side. Attention is now turning to the identity of those gunmen witnesses say they appear to be well coordinated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Several of them were killed others wounded officials say they have an idea who they all are. Kenya's foreign minister allege that two or three of them could be American the FBI and the State Department quickly responded saying those claims are unconfirmed. As Kenyan forces reclaimed the -- more bodies are being removed from the building. The official death toll stands at 62 with many more injured everyone here is bracing for those numbers to rise. ABC's care -- joining us now via Skype from Nairobi and carry a carriage as me -- what exactly is a situation going on right now we heard the president say that they have secured. The mall are you still hear explosions though. Not just on their moment ago Dan and I could not hearing those explosions that were going on sporadically throughout the day. Again teams going through that -- combing through everything Craig trying to make sure that there were no terrorists or -- Hostages hiding anywhere also teams looking for explosives is Exxon east this suspicious they -- don't blow it up. What did we learn that from that address -- the Kenyan president had made on television just a few minutes ago that we hadn't heard from this situation that has been developing over the past four days. But really -- -- figures mean that the Kenyan authorities were really keeping us in the dark. They were afraid for example that if we -- -- getting this tactical information well I think this terrorist site might read news reports -- they were doing. But also we weren't really sure you know how many terrorists -- -- how many they had captured and killed. So we were told the president visited that five terrorists were killed an additional I'll let -- are in custody right now. And the digital hasn't officially gone up too much -- 62 denouncing 61. I think that that's a stadium body -- -- right now. But he gets it there are many other bodies that still remain inside there several floors of this. Of the building apparently. Collapsed and they believe that -- bodies in there as well also the death -- is going to go right now cop confirmed remains around sixty and what do we know about reports that there is a team from the FBI that's headed over to that area to to do an investigation. So you might remember that the US offered its assistance to the -- early on. And something that other countries that the brits the Israelis that is well it is a team -- noted these these -- people that. Bomb -- to -- a bomb expertise. Or forensic -- to tell people don't be able to go back and try to piece together. Attacked like this if she got exactly. Who you know who these people were -- -- at reducing there. What about the saved by the foreign minister saying that there was potential involvement. From Americans on this attack. Is it possible that Al should Bob that the organization has -- responsibility. Do we know about their recruiting past. Yet this is a group that's been very active trying to recruit Americans actually there's a large Somali. Population in Minneapolis for example we do know that -- -- efforts to reach out YouTube to use there. And -- had been some Americans that have gone to Somalia and -- -- Bob. Did these comments against the president assigned in his remarks he said that they still can't confirm they had some intelligence that suggests that two to three Americans were part of this. Again he said that they have not yet confirmed what what in fact is a relationship -- from -- -- to Kenya. Right well it just a few years ago else about really had -- -- Somalia which is just north of Kenya. And they were trying to establish a very strict conservative Islamic government there. Imagine that Kenyans after a few tax files -- on northern. Kenyan towns went into Somalia and cleared out -- -- and apparently. This attack was in retaliation for those Kenyan military action. It's ABC's -- -- EA in Nairobi care thank you for that for the report in the inside. We have a complete report on And the latest on that mall attack for now I'm down Cutler in New York. With this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special group. Report from me.

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{"id":20358788,"title":"Kenyan President Says Terrorists Are 'Defeated' After Killing At Least 72 ","duration":"5:35","description":"Officials believe more bodies may be trapped under rubble inside Nairobi mall.","url":"/International/video/kenya-mall-attack-kenyan-president-terrorists-defeated-killing-20358788","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}