Zoo President Discusses Dramatic Koala Rescue

Columbus Zoo's Tom Stalf offers his take on the CPR rescue of "Sir Chompsalot."
4:35 | 08/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Zoo President Discusses Dramatic Koala Rescue
This little koala alive and well but it was a very close call after it was hit by a car. And then stopped breathing how wildlife experts brought him back the amazing rescue. Of the d.s and confused Kuala. Hello everyone I'm Mary Bruce in Washington that cool -- rescue all over the Internet today. A wildlife rescue crew and Australian determined to save the koala after they got the -- it was injured and hiding topic tree seeking shelter. They used a cherry picker to go up and coaxing down and that's when the bear fell to the ground -- cottage with a blanket. And then oh man what they did next. Joining us now via Skype from inside the -- enclosure at the Columbus zoo in Columbus Ohio's new president Tom -- thanks so much for being with us. Now I have to ask you what we see that little guy behind you. About their temperament and they really is opting cuddly as they scene -- -- -- an attitude sometimes -- All of you know there are currently an out -- the wild well -- here on suits one would want to give -- big -- you. They're beautiful animal they're out in Australia and end you know they are real I think they're there -- strong animal by. And it's unfortunate because that was an impeccable all -- catch. You'd think when you first got this amazing video. If you know when we talk about. Animals and people we have such a connection and we are about a minute political news -- -- -- at least inspired by connecting people while. When I saw that video it was absolutely fantastic speed access. And see so many people live here it is the big hit on the Internet and we look back. Were able to represent -- easy -- clothes and wearing. Now are humans ever actually trained to give it mouth to mouth to marsupials are were they just really lucky in this case. Well -- actually trying you know -- here -- fire rescue area they actually have a pet oxygen masks and -- services are reading the tea here are animals as well our area and service. Believe it or not I love what a year ago did not allowed to -- religious central and south American. -- and it -- having a lot of trouble and I had the opportunity to do CPR and Brett. And that -- are -- doing -- I have to say that is not the answer I expected that -- quite a -- -- Now under a -- at one point actually appeared motionless and debt and it. Looked like they were kind of massaging the little guy back to life. We have a clip of a when they were trying to revive the -- now it looks like they're not sure it's gonna pull through and then. Finally a sign of life that first a little growl -- -- the net and the -- -- easy test results. -- so what else did they do to try and resuscitate the injured quality it looks like. They were pumping its chest and they use oxygen what other steps were they going through there. Yeah so we we got an animal it. -- -- there are a lot but a trauma you know with the car accident Bennett runs into the tree the rescuers -- in. They're able to -- to snare and then I'll release the animal to a safe location and his animals and -- So. -- -- spirits that team is working with the animal trying to revive it. And that actual growl is koala all holidays they -- -- I'm Lyle -- -- the animal is up under stress that it actually meeting its breath. Bitter they went from the massage actually a little bit of the it's the meeting story -- and agree and. Absolutely. Amazing how -- thank you so much for joining us now we should -- this little guy is expected to recover. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading ABC news app and starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Mary -- and Washington.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"Columbus Zoo's Tom Stalf offers his take on the CPR rescue of \"Sir Chompsalot.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"25114752","title":"Zoo President Discusses Dramatic Koala Rescue","url":"/International/video/koala-rescue-zoo-president-discusses-dramatic-ordeal-25114752"}