The View From the Frontlines of the War Against ISIS

"They're just a mile or so down the road" Kurdish official tells ABC News’ Muhammad Lila.
1:45 | 08/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The View From the Frontlines of the War Against ISIS
This might look like an empty stretch of road but this right here is the Frontline in the war on ice as you can see. A trench being dug over here on our side of the -- are Kurdish troops -- called -- Oregon. And they're holding their ground on the other side of that trench just over that -- there's a village inside that village are -- fighters those fighters. We're advancing here about half an hour down the road this way is the Iraqi town of her -- They were advancing on the town but the -- Morgan troops held their ground. And forced prices fighters back and just to set the scene here you could see a little village over there that village once had inhabitants were living there. That is now abandoned Iraqis that were living there -- ice it's made its move and it's pushed down this road. They fled. It's unclear when they'll be able to go back to their homes take a look at this you can see over here this is a refugee camp or rather what used to be refugee camp it was filled with refugees Syrian refugees Iraqi refugees -- been forced from their homes -- -- that refugee camp is now and -- officials have decided it's too close to the front lines so let refugees stay there so they've all been relocated. The -- say they're not only holding their ground but it actually been able to go on the offensive in other words. They've been able to take the fight to ice is something we haven't seen so far. This could be a turning point and they say it's because of the American airstrikes that are forcing -- says troops back that's allowing the Kurdish troops to move forward. So this could be a very big flashpoint if this border falls we could see the city of -- fall. That's part of the ice is domino effect. -- mile ABC news on the front lines but Kollek checkpoint in Northern Iraq.

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{"id":24958739,"title":"The View From the Frontlines of the War Against ISIS ","duration":"1:45","description":"\"They're just a mile or so down the road\" Kurdish official tells ABC News’ Muhammad Lila.","url":"/International/video/kurdish-peshmerga-hold-ground-isis-militants-24958739","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}