First Lady's South Africa 'Frowning' Photos Spark Buzz

Michelle Obama appears to disapprove of her husband's socializing during Mandela memorial service.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for First Lady's South Africa 'Frowning' Photos Spark Buzz
This is a special group. Hello everyone I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington this is an ABC news digital special report all eyes were on South Africa today is nearly a hundred world leaders and tens of thousands more gathered in the -- stadium in Johannesburg. For that George full tribute to the late Nelson Mandela the spirit of the -- the singing and dancing. Even made its way into the VIP boxes were President Obama former president George W. Bush and other heads of state watched the event. And even themselves here you can see President Obama and British prime minister Cameron. With Danish prime minister to morning Schmidt posing for itself -- -- For more on the smiles and some scowl swear joined by ABC -- -- Walsh -- Thanks for being here a lot of I think -- -- grumbling online today about these pictures they seem innocent enough certainly the event was festive. But some screw intense scrutiny out there on the web right now but these pictures. -- means really all day at just below -- up on the Internet and on Twitter especially -- it really. It does take away from the White House's message I'm sure they're not too happy about -- their message was really tech. How the -- go out there and celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela and also a lot of his message. Was about. Other countries that may be here celebre may be -- celebrating elect Nelson Mandela. But they aren't they're people don't they don't respect dissent among people among their own people and so he saw all the scrutiny around that. And handshake with -- Castro but then. A lot of the message of the president's speech didn't really get through now of course when it comes to. Itself be moment where it's very we're -- laughing about and it's really been all over the Internet. I think that the scrutiny around it it really is just another example of how we look out world leaders this by now of course is -- is. A lighter hearted but when you look at that UN general offend sadly that is -- twenty -- -- We're always looking are they talking are they shaking hands -- didn't look like they're having a good conversation IC conversation. And so this is just another example of that of course is much more lighthearted. And I think that the company are the people that are most excited about this today is definitely apple. Yeah that's right the iPhone getting some really far out and play online today and -- this is a pretty rare occasion right to have so many. World leaders -- seated together and -- in like this for an extended period of time that. Let's take a look at the string of photos that these are really raise some eyebrows at Augusta they're kind of fun first shot here they are you can see a bid that Danish prime minister or President Obama having a happy -- President Obama they're holding an event program. Mandela's face on it then we see the president continuing to chat here at this fellow had a statement First Lady Michelle Obama. -- pretty close attention to what's going on downstairs and and finally. This picture these folks don't look like they're having a very good time. Share -- an intense scrutiny as you say but it's not all that uncommon for something like -- What is more scrutiny that he usually have of the First Lady. And so usually we're looking out world leaders and do they look like they're making progress and we're really trying to. And look at every single possible body movement when it comes to these on the world stage and we don't really. Look too much at the first ladies and so this is kinda fun way to -- But you know we it's so hard to know -- our real icy stare or -- the First Lady -- just paying attention to what's going on. That's right we don't actually know what she's upset here and possible that -- was this particular snapshot. But it was not just President Obama. Who is Sidney Rice and other people in his section -- former president George W. Bush enjoyed. What a friendly chat with Spain's princess Letitia. As well and and you -- perhaps -- when you know what the former First Lady Laura Bush there. And not looking too impressed what do we know about the relations -- with the bushes and obamas today seated together and flying together for so long. Well I think the funniest -- -- About this whole. Rob on line is how. Q of the living presidents may not that be having beaten may have angry why that home tonight which of course. We don't know but it made me really laugh but I read that. So -- it's funny just because now really their cameras everywhere and whether. What world leaders talking to each other they're talking to the prison sat behind them that there's cameras are going to get that and and not all of -- can be smiling all the time. That's right and that's gonna make for an interest -- seventeen plus hour flight back from Africa and the Bush's radio and -- pass on that ride back. Tonight they arrive early tomorrow morning here Washington DC -- thanks so much you'll be following I'm sure. The scrutiny of these pictures for the days to come and and it certainly -- -- -- wall built and launched by an Air Force One talk. That's right thanks so much cherished. I think for the latest. On this mini controversy if you will and all the coverage from the -- on Mandela memorial service today in. Through the rest of the week be sure to follow us on -- here at ABC news digital. For now thanks so much for joining us on Devin Dwyer -- Washington this has been an ABC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Michelle Obama appears to disapprove of her husband's socializing during Mandela memorial service.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"21168800","title":"First Lady's South Africa 'Frowning' Photos Spark Buzz","url":"/International/video/ladys-south-africa-frowning-photos-spark-buzz-21168800"}