Late passenger attempts to break into plane

The incident happened at Melbourne Airport in Australia.
1:20 | 05/17/18

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Transcript for Late passenger attempts to break into plane
I'm Niger breach of airport security. Just before passengers Richard aboard the judge Q 50 right to Sydney these men rushed onto the tarmac he dashed up the stairs and tried to rip part in the door at fist with his hands then using his fate. As you've got closer to getting access to applying stopped working frantically to kick the door shots -- -- scratch chain and punching the staff and is that trying to restrain him stopping witnesses watched from died 44 is declined our about to embark on was targeted it is very ready to release date in the woods skit -- get to be honest I mean in the wake of all of these security issues that are going on at demining stopped held a man themselves until I have -- office's arrived the line offender was then Reese why through terminal for the place arrived really quickly there are lots of place lots of security softening and on -- understood the man who admits to nearly flat out allied he confronted jets stop stop pushing harper computers then allegedly assaulting a cabin manager and two other crew members he was quiet big received. Punching. Punching fists in the end he centric products that yelling he rushed towards the nearest client he could find one which had earlier arrived for more insistent. Luckily all the passages had disembarked by the time he won't she's attack. After more than an hour security chicks passengers boarded their delight flight north just after 11 o'clock.

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{"duration":"1:20","description":"The incident happened at Melbourne Airport in Australia. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"55234278","title":"Late passenger attempts to break into plane","url":"/International/video/late-passenger-attempts-break-plane-55234278"}