Latest details into Coronavirus and China

ABC News foreign correspondent Ian Pannell tell us about the recent strikes in Hong Kong and the efforts to prevent the disease from spreading there.
6:57 | 02/04/20

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Transcript for Latest details into Coronavirus and China
In the race to contain the corona virus is looking ever more desperate especially in China where people are desperate to escape. A fortunate passengers who are able to evacuate are being put through essentially a human car wash upon their arrival in various destinations. At least 425. People. Have died so far from the respiratory illness which means. It is now surpassed the deadly SARS epidemic remember that back in 20022003. When 349. People died on mainland China. There from people have been trapped under quarantine and businesses are being Chris. The US air at least eleven confirmed cases including a UMass student in Boston who just returned from Wuhan a few days ago. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo says more Americans will be evacuated but the question now. He is one. We are going to go live to Hong Kong in just a moment but first we go to the epicenter of the virus in Wuhan where. We're gonna hear from an American stock under quarantine there. Desperately trying to get his family out his name is Justin Greece and he spoke with us earlier today. According to remove it and where it's. Actually live here. An online community infusion of Marion Berry and little of people all over the place running around and as you just see how. All the shops are closed down this is juju. Blocking off a quarantine in Los see her a long time. Consumer mostly car lose close communion. However we haven't had been a mini cars coming through today. Spoke 5 PM Ringo. I got a call from the Beijing and is she in the Beijing embassy says that there trying to work on. Kings in paperless travel set up for laying in the baby. Changing them approved for his flight to the having little trouble at the Chinese Government side of things. If so hopefully they can work could change government. Seems everything is set up and then the thing I can figure out when the next available flight that we can take out of Wuhan would be free zones it will do great cool down ruled outside. The home. Tried contacting. EUS department Steen. On this issue with what if ringling in the may be on the skiing issues run errands so. So frustrating because. And served five years and military and it. Completely shafted when I mean there when we need help and an evacuation. Of these American citizens. An obvious who the BB which is a full time job and trying to figure things out the embassy when I'm not able figured things out the embassy. I'm she you're trying to do my college work stuff which is really really stressful got the news is Dan. Hornets we fly out on the third. That I would be able to go. And Caldwell people who go but he have to for adjudication remaining US. The promise it won't allow leading to go home and since Lee king ago. It's terrible problem lean and I are very much upset about the results. She didn't church rehearsing her cry about this entire car wrong. There's no way on. I would ever sent furry on mother and her long months old BE. Understandably have centers such a difficult situation there. Let's get more perspective on it and bring in ABC news senior corps a foreign correspondent Ian panel live with us in Hong Kong tonight. An Indian you've been in touch with people just like just in trying desperately to get out. But what do they hope for right now I wonder what's their plan and what do they do next. Get us right we've as its industry suggest day and I would also be speaking to another American guy and American woman Priscilla who could an eight year old daughter Hermione in that situation slightly complicated because she separation from husband I think this is what we're saying is Americans who do not time straightforward case is not that they shouldn't be allowed on the flight. But the Naira passports and these issues weren't able to get on the first mercy missions if that we've just got off the phone to Priscilla. He's been pretty much stranded with a jewel solo and in the apartments there look after our friends. Household pets. And so there were in a separate apartment but as saying that that hoping to go to the apple this evening better minds already changed I. The fourth of thuggery here and holdco. Good to be apple this evening. They're expecting to guess all the flights and not one of the other Americans who just spoke to his expressions know not what this told there will be another this week so we're expecting. They see full a number of flights to take place to allow those Americans to leave. Hey give us a sense of the recent strikes there in Hong Kong and the efforts to prevent the disease from spreading there. Yeah that's right I mean it looked like his become very difficult you've got to remember the whole call was always ground zero for the saws are breaking 2003. Who has 300 people died. We wince of one particular block of apartments where the outbreak it happened. Multiple people died and allegations of people and Hong Kong. A highly sensitive. Senators are break everybody's wearing face masks are films streets do you can't get them for love or money outs in the stalls they've sold us face massive sold as of pounds sterilized Whitney Cummings at this hotel until do you from you gotta do a temperature check before you can even approach reception. Everybody being tested everybody's being cautious people know little to shake hands when they meet in the streets or embraced when they meet loved ones people who are being very very cautious. That he wasn't health care workers out here who were on the front line who got fifteen confirmed cases mental suspected cases Mo call. Having to deal with a as we've board is still open with China. And so they're gonna axle strike restricting 6000 more today to go on strike W none thousand in total. Because this standstill the government shuts the boldest until I get more protection equipment then they can't carry on my work. He and just concern about you what are you doing to stay sick. Yet again when we go now we are wearing face mask but look. These last are limited a movie gives you a sense of security and several pleasant but have very flimsy pieces of material that supposed to be disposed of at the end of each day. Because you call one more so inevitably content to web these day after today I'm so he gives you a sense of security for doesn't really give you the content protection from Kunming bicycles and as you put a face mask all. You're immediately touching you'll face. I want about a hot items are your hands clean so that isn't the kind of win consideration is always going through your vacuum my. But it's hard to avoid any public scenario as well you've probably tension with someone who could be impacted. My life tenuous situation there are in panel live in Hong Kong where. It is morning now thank you in.

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{"duration":"6:57","description":"ABC News foreign correspondent Ian Pannell tell us about the recent strikes in Hong Kong and the efforts to prevent the disease from spreading there.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"68731804","title":"Latest details into Coronavirus and China","url":"/International/video/latest-details-coronavirus-china-68731804"}