The latest on the Syria decision, Mueller investigation and Cosby retrial

ABC News breaks down the day's biggest stories.
16:17 | 04/12/18

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Transcript for The latest on the Syria decision, Mueller investigation and Cosby retrial
Good morning everybody I'm where Johnson walking ABC news live we're following some of the biggest stories happening around the world and we're gonna take you to those places and talk to the correspondents directly or following all of the latest details first. Let's go to Pennsylvania bill Cosby's. The retrial. More emotional testimony happening inside the courtroom we're gonna take you inside the corpsman including. One of his accusers calling out Bill Cosby from this stand. His reaction and what they're saying there will take you there. We also have Cecilia Vega or ABC news senior White House correspondent following the very latest on the Russia investigation and what. FBI agents may have been looking for in his latest raids of the president's personal attorney. But first though we have Martha Raddatz in Washington. Following the latest on Syria and a possible US responses those suspected chemical attacks we wanted to start with James Longman belt. In Beirut with the very latest on what's happening on the ground he's live for us this morning. James what can you tell us. Highway well just a few moments ago actually we from the Syrian Abbas that the United Nations confirming that infect the invective team the act and international chemical watchdog the AB CW. It's not gonna send to teens to Damascus we believe one of those teams has already arrived here in a -- and the gonna make their way over the border to Damascus today. Teammates had to go to Tim not so out of Damascus. Which share the wealth has seen it dissolved. Horrific suspected chemical attack maybe a week ago now. Hadn't decided that it has other investigations on what not exactly what went on the invitation of Apple's got to say of Syria and the Russians have welcomed it. I think critics are pointing out well you know the Russians have been in for a few days now at least. What is that exactly the AP CW it's going to be able to find evidence have been tampered with. So there are big questions about but of course the Russians say this entire thing was faith. And other developments today when hearing that bus out Assad their president of Syria has that broken its silence on this Odyssey. I mean the other is that bots but it brief statement today meeting with an Iranian official at the mosque at that strikes will only need to great thing instability in the region something that. He has long said he's a long lamented his involvement of other countries. In the conflict in Syria but nevertheless Russia and Iran support him very pleasant indeed so now the wait is on this. Kind of countdown to a strike we've been waiting in the region for a couple of days now waiting for it we think it may happen sometime this evening. Quite what it's going to target or how beat this strike is can wind up being. Remains to be seen but I think it's quite they have is that both the United States on Russia. A quite keen to make sort again. Kind of wonder into an accidental conflict but a hate each other things inside Syria is back could escalate. A conflict which is already extremely complicated and combustible. And James we know that president Donald Trump has been communicating with the British prime minister and also the president of France. What could the roles of the US allies be in all of this. Well minimal but important symbolically the British have a base in that Cyprus where they could adults jets in support. The French have been fighting. And over the bridges in this coalition against them MySpace out of Jordan so they can also lend their support and there are some gulf allies. That material. I think that that support is minimal but it's that simple litmus presents you know doubled something Sam not doing a tonight I have my western allies emerald in this together. Hi James longer live in Beirut will stay on top of that check back with you here in the meantime what's good or cheap global affairs. Correspondent Martha Raddatz in Washington to get. She's she's back and are monitored here we're checking in with her and forgive me I'm being told that secretary Mattis is actually speaking right now what are we hearing from him. On the matter in Syria. Well you know I've been monitoring his heel testimony it's supposed to be just a testimony about the budget about the Pentagon budget DOD. But secretary Mattis is being asked questions by some of the members about what clearly is some sort of impending military action. Secretary Mattis will not say a whole lot about that but he was ask what the strategy and Syria is and he said it is to defeat iasis. We do not want to get in that involved in this civil war in Syria. But then it went on to describe last year's chemical attack and the most recent one and he did. It he said quite flatly he believes it was a chemical attack although they are trying to get. More evidence he would not of course give any sort of timetable. The president as you know was tweeting this morning saying it may be coming soon it may not be coming soon. But the president is being very clear that there will be some sort of missile strikes some sort of retaliation. And Martha you mention the president sweeting and we we've also heard from him yesterday saying that Russia vows to shoot down. Any and all missiles fired at Syria but that he he basically said to Russia yet get ready because they'll be coming at nice new. And Smart Martha you've also been reporting that there's been communication between the US and Russia. A through other channels what can you tell us about that and the significance of that in this situation. Well I. Think you're going to hear of lot of very loud rhetoric from Russia and obviously the US as well. A general our general secretary it's hard to remember that he's not just a general anymore is the secretary. But he had comments about Russia as well saying that they are complicit. In what has happened in Syria because of those chemical weapons Russia of course was supposed to be. A big guarantor of getting those chemical weapons out of Syria that clearly didn't happen. Secretary Mattis was very tough on Russia. In this hearing but no. Communication is through a Deke infliction line there is say basically alliance set up between Russia and the US so there airplanes. Carrying out missions in the area they don't want any sort of mishaps that line remains open. Russian newspaper is reporting that there are talks. Going on that the Russians are trying to find out what the US will target so they can get their aircraft out of the way. But if you listen carefully did secretary Mattis today. You could tell that he doesn't want this to expand to any great degree. He said essentially that much we we don't want this conflict. Escalate and then he said took member of congress get my drift. And mark that's a difficult line to lock I wanna talk about possible. Targets everybody's kind of waiting for a strike here if the US and its allies were to launch some missile missiles toward Syria. What would the targets be. While there are many options and I think that's one of the things that that we're waiting for the president decides it you could have very light impact. And that is go after chemical weapons storage facilities. I was wondering this afternoon helping know about those and if they knew about those before why action wasn't taken before since they're not supposed to be there. Chlorine gas by the way it wasn't around notes list of chemicals that they had to get out. But Syria. Because it wasn't considering one of those nerve agent but if it is weaponized. It is considered one of those chemicals I know it's very confusing so they could try. To go after one of those chemical weapons sites or chlorine gas sites or when or whatever they can find it can also go after air fields. And I think they would have to go after several airfields they only went after one last time 59 tomahawk missiles and still that air field. Was it launching aircraft within days after that bombing or they could go with that much heavier impact and go after aside. Military command headquarters. And with this warning essentially from the United States Syria and Russia and its allies they have times moved some of their equipment. And a safer places if a strike were to happen. What they do you know and I and and the US is seeing signs that that is happening that this year in aircraft is being moved. To where Russian aircraft is in hopes that there will not be a strike there. But the Pentagon is keeping very close track of that they know where they're moving those airplanes they know what they're doing and I'm sure there respond in whatever way they feel it's appropriate. I'm Martha Raddatz our chief global affairs correspondent live in Washington thank you so much a story will definitely be following. The route the courts the day today. Meantime another big story we're watching the latest on the mole or investigation and those FBI raids let's go to our senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega. In Washington at the White House and Cecelia what. What is the latest rule earning more write about what the FBI may have actually been looking for these rates. Yeah I would we've been speaking with people who have seen this search warrant you know the president's name. Isn't it multiple times according to the people who've seen this that we know that this is really center around the president's personal attorney Michael Cohen. This is not though just as an attorney as we've been saying this is up hit ball a loyalist and ally among the most ardent supporters of president from someone. Who really is in his corner and prickly who really knows. All of this secrets and so we've known that the FBI of course rated Michael Collins home and pull talent office and what we now know is that they are looking for. Evidence related to remember that big Access Hollywood video that came out right before the election. They want to know more about that they are looking in his personal finances of course. They are looking at 130000. Dollar hush payment made to stormy Daniels and questions about other. Alleged affairs that the president has hat and now. We are learning about this report in the New Yorker Magazine that says a former truck Howard dormant received hush money. At 30000 dollar payment can not. Go forward to the national inquirer with a pretty salacious story involving. Donald Trump before he was elected president. There is no evidence that the salacious details in this alleged story are true but nonetheless wit it is raising some very serious questions. About money is that may or may not have been paid perhaps by Michael Cullen the president's attorney to keep these stories. Quiet and keep them from the public view. And clearly Robert Mueller Sicily is interest in all that money in what may have been paid. We know that president trump has been growing increasingly aggravated and frustrated with this investigation especially as it takes all these different turns. Is there are new talk at the White House about the president considering firing Robert Mueller or the deputy attorney general all of us. There has long been talk here essentially since the start. Of the special counsel investigation of how angry the president is by it how furious he is with Robert Mueller. And how really he feels that Robert Muller's investigation. Has gone far beyond its reach of looking into Russia and I've got to say that that is Robert Mueller the special counsel's have to till look into allegations as it relates to Russian election meddling in possible ties of the trunk campaign. This. Rain of Michael Connelly is separate of that now this was conducted by the FBI. But nonetheless that doesn't seem set to matter to president trump to many of its allies they see this is all interconnected and the surge that we've been talking to here. In Washington and in the White House specifically in and add allies of the president outside feel very much that that is think tell us that the president is just. Living beyond belief much more so than he has been the president has openly. Considered and mold in talked about perhaps. Getting rid of Robert Mueller he's done the same for at deputy attorney general rob Rosen Stein who. Is now overseeing the Russia investigation. Because attorney general Jeff Sessions recused himself. But you know at. This point nobody really knows what the president is going to do there is this move afoot on Capitol Hill to perhaps with some legislation in effect to up protect. Robert Mueller to keep him on the job. A lot of Republicans on the hill wits say that that is not neat because they've received. Assurances for people that they're talking to inside this White House that the president is it actually going to go through this this is a president is wheeled who likes to add. Mull about things in war I am well wonder aloud so a lot of people are wondering whether that is the case. In this one or perhaps we're looking at coney situation James Connolly situation where he actually. Does follow through with things that he's attacking about firing staffers. Answer so you mentioned as Republicans on Capitol Hill we've heard from a lot of them who. You know these are these are allies of the president who come out publicly saying we don't think the president should fire Robert Moeller in it would do more harm than good right. Yeah exactly. But you know they're also not willing to sign on to any legislation that many of the Democrats are backing acts it sick keep these sits at perhaps the legislate some protections. For Robert Mueller the special counsel's investigation you know but we did hear some. Strong words from Chuck Grassley from Mitch McConnell. Who say that this would be political suicide who say that out Robert Mueller should be allowed to finish his John Paul Ryan just said that the same yesterday you know yeah. Any interesting sort of shift in freezing here at the White House this White House has repeatedly been asked whether president trump. Plans to fire Robert Mueller in the answer for a long time has been. He has no intention to do so he has the ability to do so but he doesn't intend to do so yesterday Press Secretary say or Sanders. Chased her answer when she was asked whether he planned to fire. Rob rose and sign Robert Mueller the answer is quote we have no person Allen. All right Cicely Avaya Forrester senior White House correspondent will definitely be stamped top of this thank you so much for joining us this morning. We also want to go to Norris town pennsylvanians now bill Cosby's the retrial ms. sexual assault accusations. More fiery testimony inside the courtroom. Here's ABC news correspondent Lindsey Davis with the very latest. Good morning way it was a 123 punch we heard from three Cosby accusers inside the courthouse yesterday one of them. Clinging to a handkerchief throughout her entire testimony at times. She sobbed salon Masha says she was an aspiring model and that in 1986 just seventeen years old. Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her through tears from the witness stand she looked directly at Bill Cosby and said. You know what you did don't you mr. Cosby. It was at that point did the defense moved for a mistrial the judge then denied that request. Blushing it's the same accuser the defense pointed out was convicted of giving a false statement released in 2007. In an unrelated matter. What all three accusers have in common they all claim that they were drugged and sexually assaulted by the now eighty year old comedian. But it is argument Tom Britain as a route Cosby's. Lead defense attorney told the jury. Keep your eye on the ball describing all the other witnesses as distractions after all. This case is only about untreated constant claims that cosmic drugged sexually assaulted her at his Pennsylvania home. Back in 2004. 'cause they all along has denied all of the allegations against him. No doubt it was tough testimony to listen to these three accusers back to back to back up for the most part. Because we didn't have much reaction. He largely had his head down at times had his eyes closed. But always appeared to be listening very intently wit. I'm with the it is Davis forested north town Pennsylvania. Wanna go back to Capitol Hill and leave you with a live picture these are the confirmation hearings. Happening for Mike Pompeo this is the former CIA director who's been tapped to be the new secretary of state replacing Rex Tillerson. This confirmation hearing is happening live right now we're following this throughout the day and for all of our story. You go to Will be right back here later this afternoon there are some more live events happening. And double bring it to you live and ABC news dot cop Robert Johnson thanks for joining us.

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