London police investigating vehicle crash as possible terrorism

Driver in custody after allegedly ramming into pedestrians close to Parliament
5:10 | 08/14/18

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Transcript for London police investigating vehicle crash as possible terrorism
The deet tails are still coming in about exactly what happened in London this morning some rain out we're gonna go to our reporter who is there on the ground. Molly hunter to give us the latest Molly thank you for joining us and what do we know so far about what happened outside the British parliament. On the afternoon at that we're acting in parliament every one of the heavily fortified with your plate this. In London and McNamee and hand right now. Albert that white screen isn't actually as close as we've been able to get that night and this morning's crash. All day to get them all areas and snow heavily court got this morning at 737. Driver and it's filled report yet that. Loud your Lackey analytic there is seen at the lightning did not get you with back and and Latin a couple of pedestrians a couple of cyclist I think few people up and it crashed into a security Pollard right back there. At that moment Elena there is dramatic video of swat team is basically responding immediately surrounding the car and arresting he was arrested. On suspected terrorism charges. I have been with him leaving the amazing response the swat team has sent Iraqi death in the area at there's also overhead video that shows that car. I think it careening in and and eating up before it actually at my neck are actually hit the ball. Yeah we've heard a lot about how quickly in those emergency response teams were able to get there into the scene but. What are we know at this point about the suspect. We're just an outlet and to take you across the street and I just speaking at its height our look at it there at the big white screen. I'm kind of try to get through that after integrate the camera crew and a little bit at that if we can. Get any closer to air. I may question get an island a bank. For the actual crash happened shots. Behind there. Adding an uneven night get a sense of where we had an extremely popular tourist destination even though parliament is it reads that it's summer and I get in line and extremely hot I'm just watch you on here. I'm Whitney still on the web leaking out. About that aspect not much. We know that he is in his late when he. We know that at who leave. Do not believe he was on any kind of intelligence radar. Men and lean on his dragnet that this fiasco without Andy went up in the passenger seat and there were no weapons found and that's pretty much Ali right. And. Like he said there's a lot of tourists there I was actually just in London the other week and this is certainly a place where a lot of people golf. Wasn't there already additional security based on its accident happened or a similar crash that it happened a few years prior. As Phillies and Angie you thank you get a helicopter medic unit and helicopter as. Up about needed to athletes still an active and the but at exactly right in the last yeah I moved to London about a year and a half ago. I kidding if that weren't that first terror attack at Westminster bridge but we're extremely to be attacked at Westminster bridge. At London at London Bridge as well I'm and security after those attacks with huge line is an incredibly. Especially this area I would say extremely heavily secured in the last. Yair allied pilots say the investigation and hearing from police earlier today wethy at last you're and that is to attack they're doing it again. There are appealing to the public. I'm anyone who has any information cell phone video picture as an eye witnesses the attack happened at 7:30 in the morning and night that even though parliament and reset. It would have insurance that there would have been jogger is of course we know that we're cyclists ever pedestrians. I'm sick today and the police press conference. The assistant commissioner really appealed to the public anyone who knows anything please. Come forward and just looking at of people that are standing around you they're obviously a lot of press obviously a lot of tourists but. It also seems like they're relatively calm. I mean this is actually like I said this is as close as we can get. Here in the area at its entire area has been close they've yet all of these I think there's been relatively unknown in the project they got that actually and the police presence around here it's so much mind and it was earlier today. It's hard to describe how much of this area essential in this area in Central London with actually closed off. And we were shocked that we need to get this close and to speak with neo. Because they were taking Kathleen at camp is looking for accomplice says I'm trying to piece together what the motive was why this guy was driving so quickly through Central London. At 7:30 this morning. Helen I did just want to read one quote from Matt and police press conference. They think given that this appears to be a deliberate act. The math and this being an iconic thank retreating at the terrorist incidents and the investigation is being led by officers from the counter terrorism. Command this is really important because it appears like at that before this guy doesn't appear to be on any intelligence radars get an accurate been known to authorities they appear to be treating it as a terror attack. Mostly because of the math it used because of the particular attack. Not the ink on the alleys surrounding. Gasoline so I don't really know anything about the night at. Thank you might forgetting that right in their forces closing canning giving us all the latest from there and London.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"Driver in custody after allegedly ramming into pedestrians close to Parliament","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"57172027","title":"London police investigating vehicle crash as possible terrorism","url":"/International/video/london-police-investigating-vehicle-crash-terrorism-57172027"}