The Long Search for Missing Plane Debris Explained

Satellite images haven't resulted in anything being found from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
3:00 | 03/24/14

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Transcript for The Long Search for Missing Plane Debris Explained
What we've been told by US officials now for more than a week that it was off Australia now. With this refinement what the Malaysians have just done -- said listen this plane crashed. In the southern Indian Ocean and nobody survived this was an effort to give some closure to the families in Beijing and elsewhere who -- including three Americans who -- on this aircraft. That this is a lost aircraft and every soul on board was lost so that's why the Malaysians came on said this that this additional satellite David. The refinement of it tells us that this plane crashed in the southern Indian Ocean now. Back to the debris and this is very important Josh. This is the area that they're looking for the debris and there were a lot us buy things of some of debris. Today because we have always aircraft now we have ten aircraft that are searching this area. And it is now dark there and there is a ship in this area now and the Malaysians are hoping. Step by tomorrow they might be will actually pick up a piece of debris and say here is part of flight 370. But it is drifted so far 300 700 miles away. We're not gonna find the aircraft there the way we find the aircraft is by going back to the two last flight -- that have been plotted from that satellite data. And what we are hoping that as a refined -- we get to one. Area where they think this flight actually impacted the ocean. And then they will make a grid over that area and start using those underwater little sub -- and and sonar that you can dragged through the water to certain listening for that -- here. Because we are going to be running out of batteries and a couple of. Weeks ago that -- -- -- that search has now become refinery do you wanna possibly an ABC news aviation consultant colonel Stephen Gaynor in Washington. And Steve you've been you first -- you made it clear this morning even before that press conference that the first and arguably most important part. Of this -- he is now complete and that is providing the families of those lost 239 soles. With a sense of closure again as we look to identify. Where this plane did go down and how. It did in fact crash but this moment now. Having provided that moment to those families of the -- 139 people on board what next then. Is so what's the next step in this search team. And Josh. The one thing I heard from the prime minister that gives me hope and and we need to track this down is that they may be some new data. From in -- that the company that runs the satellite constellation that originally gave us these two marks. There may be some new data that gives us a little bit more precise information. As you say. We now have closure for the families the debris search is not as important anymore what we need to do now is get to the black boxes. And remember that the airplane was on this southern southerly heading. And it went into the water and entered after it hit the water that -- there was some debris that floated and it floated off to the east. For 700 miles perhaps. But at the bottom of the ocean where that airplane impacted as were most of them are human remains are -- -- be and Wear the black boxes are. And as we've been saying for weeks now the only way to solve this mystery is to get to those black boxes so I'm encouraged that potentially we may have new information. From Myanmar sat there will allow us to refine where that aircraft when he and because to find it in the bottom the ocean is is if we thought it was -- -- the debris was hard. Finding it on the bottom the ocean is going to be at least twice as hearts -- so we're just hoping that something good is gonna come out of out of what we're hearing today so the tactical part really has just begun.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Satellite images haven't resulted in anything being found from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"23040465","title":"The Long Search for Missing Plane Debris Explained","url":"/International/video/long-search-missing-plane-debris-explained-23040465"}