Madeleine McCann Investigation Heats Up as Scotland Yard Reveals New Leads

UK police have released new information regarding the 2007 disappearance of young British girl.
7:26 | 10/14/13

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Transcript for Madeleine McCann Investigation Heats Up as Scotland Yard Reveals New Leads
This is a special group. Hello I'm down Cutler -- New York with this ABC news digital special report. Things are heating up in a missing child cold case police in the UK say that they have new details in the disappearance. Madeleine McCann missing now for six years. ABC's -- Hostin joins us now with more on this from Portugal where Madeleine McCann was taken and while I know that this case is certainly grabbed international headlines. And now there are new images out by police what are they show. Well what we know is this fiscal in -- Scotland Yard today released. Brand new images they've never it's being seen before. Of a man they believe. They have witness statements saying that they sold this man a man they believe is between the ages of twenty to -- years old. And medium build medium high sinking shaven now he was is seen. In this area carrying a young girl. Again aged between three to four years old heading towards the -- very close to where in the cans were staying right here behind me. That if you get that Madeline met went missing -- six years ago and so. Her parents ever since then. Had been putting up a fight and they've never given up hope of finding her. So this -- need to if you like is Beisel that the investigation that is being conducted by Scotland Yard. -- by no means do they believe that this man. Is a and one of the main focuses for the east right now is trying to identify this man trying to find out who he is so that they could reach out to him and OSCON questions. Well if you can't explain the differences then between those two images there because as we've been quite and you've been at demonstrating the fact that this has been a case. -- has gone on for several years now and you point out her parents have been. Obviously very dedicated to the search. What exactly is a difference between those two images at a canal. -- the two images. Or. Are of the same amounts of his -- no difference between the images they believe that it wouldn't they depict the same man. At what about as far as the timeline for a series of events. Has this new information changed any of the original thinking of the case. -- Scotland Yard is essentially zeroing in on this particular timeframe it's not a new timeframe but they are focusing their efforts on this time frame between. 8:30 PM. And 10 PM the nice of may third 2007 which is when Mattie went missing. They believe that the parents went to dinner at 8:30 PM. Of course they checked on the kids Madeleine was staying here with her brother and sister they went down to a topless restaurant was -- just. A hundred yards away from where they were staying. And Gerry McCann came back to the apartment to check up on the kids in the kids -- -- -- this again is between 813 10 PM. Was -- until Kate came back to the apartment at 10 PM. To find out so that not -- hat went missing now one of the theories -- out there is that there is a window on the other side of the apartment. Where when when the parents left. Was closed but when Kate came back they found -- the window -- the shelters were opened -- again just one of the theories so it's not really and new timeframe. It's just that they're focusing on this time -- right now. And given this now very visual. A demonstration that that's been put out from the -- from the work of the investigators what have her parents said about this have they had any response. I -- to this new development. We then he had a -- of acts says he like. From -- them accounts that will be shown some nice on. He did BBC's version of America's Most Wanted it's cold crime watch and that'll be shown tonight there will be a -- interview. But what we do know from one house being released thus far. Is that her parents are obviously in agony and they were talking about what still -- some today of course the memories of her for example on a big celebration. On her birthday that's when they remember -- we -- we haven't heard them speak about the investigation itself. Just yet I'm sure they will be saying something tonight but of course we have to wait until the interview but the -- Bit of inflammation if you like that was released. Is a sound bites that's from Kate McCann saying that. You know saying that it's. It's not them to blame it's the person who went into the apartment behind me that -- -- -- her. Who is -- here essentially that's what she was saying we'll have to wait and see to find out. What they're saying about the investigation that they've put -- statement saying that there. Quite encouraged in fact greeting -- -- by the work that Scotland -- -- so far. And given the fact that when she was abducted she was three years old and obviously. In the past six years -- she obviously would have grown and and would have changed her parents and now Scotland Yard and they've been able to piece together. A potential image. For what they believe she may be -- she may look like. Yes she was three years old when she was abducted just days away from her fourth birthday and police lost here. Issued a computer generated image of what they think Madeleine would look like today. And just circulating that hoping that that would jog someone's memory if they had seen her looking like -- come forward without kind of information. Just to keep -- memory alive in the public domain if you like so that if anyone has seen her -- has seen this picture. Then they can come forward without inflammation -- telling them where they saw her after. All of this time has passed in those six years and the the search has obviously taken on an international scope. How confident and then are the detectives at Scotland Yard about getting legitimate leads at this point. You know I think that's a very difficult question to -- I think what we can say is that they are cautiously optimistic I think they are upbeat that they have you deeds and you persons of interest in this case don't forget. That this is these are documents that they have to look out thousands of documents that -- have to look at over the course of 2 years in -- when they decided to no -- a full fledged investigation. In July. So this is something that they will continue to look -- that they are cautiously optimistic I think. That's Brady -- probably the -- way to describe it. Of course the parents will not give up the fights to to finding her so I think they're gonna continue their fight was with the help of Scotland Yard of course but. Whether or at all they're gonna find of course. That's anyone's guess at the moment. Determination certainly on behalf of the parents ABC's -- -- -- Portugal -- thank you for that we certainly appreciate that of course we have complete write up on And the latest on the search. For Madeleine McCann. For now I'm -- that's our New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":20565110,"title":"Madeleine McCann Investigation Heats Up as Scotland Yard Reveals New Leads","duration":"7:26","description":"UK police have released new information regarding the 2007 disappearance of young British girl.","url":"/International/video/madeleine-mccann-investigation-update-scotland-yard-reveals-leads-20565110","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}