Malaysia Airlines Debris Field Remains Unsecured

ABC News' Kirit Radia gives an update on flight MH17 and Hamish MacDonald has the latest on Israel's operations in Gaza.
4:21 | 07/19/14

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Transcript for Malaysia Airlines Debris Field Remains Unsecured
This is a special room. Good morning I'm beyond military get a new York and we want to give you the latest on two developing stories were closely following this weekend. First new developments on the downing a Malaysian flight seventeen blown out of the sky by a missile over Ukraine. 298. People killed including eighty children three of whom were -- there was also one US citizen on board that flight. There has been growing international outrage over the fact that rebel fighters in eastern Ukraine were not allowing investigators to reach the scene of the crash so let's go to ABC's -- -- -- who has just been to the site here -- described the scene. The morning beyond -- we just left side of the crash and they were finally starting to remove some of those body could now. To date after the crash and that scene is absolutely terrific. Parts of the wreckage are still smoldering and -- human remains amid the debris. You can't escape the smell that this terrible combination objectionable -- death. What's striking to me that we were able to walk around what's essentially a crime scene the rebel disposed regarding the -- that they were they really are protecting the evidence. And we're waiting to see now -- the international inspectors will finally be able to visit the -- so far they haven't given full access and the longer that this that that site shipped out in the open the more chance that evident to compromised. And isn't one of the problems -- the rebels in fact are being accused of bringing this plane down. Well that's exactly the issue here essentially. It would be this fox guarding the henhouse is in fact these rebels were the ones that shut down the plane. And they're the one guard and be evident the concern. Month everybody is that they would be trying to change -- to hide anything that would that would be able to implicate their their involvement in the shoot down. We're still waiting to hear from -- -- -- wavering us who is behind this ultimately have you heard any reports of looting at the same. There have been reports of this that we haven't seen it ourselves we've been out this site twice that we went out Friday night when we first got to town and then again this morning. I can tell you that there is some luggage that strewn about and -- look. Open -- to cancel they were ripped open upon impact force they were open by someone else. I can tell you -- that we saw for example walking by one backpack there were there was some money some change some euros sitting on top and and that had up until. -- and images are just so grand and a huge disrespect for the bodies of -- of these innocent passengers as well -- our thanks to Ewing a little believe the following the story throughout this weekend. And we want to turn out to the other developing story the escalating violence in the Middle East Israel now preparing to expand its operations into the Gaza Strip as the death toll climbs for both the Palestinians and Israelis. ABC's -- McDonnell is in Tel Aviv with late breaking details payments. Beyond the indications out of this conflict between Israel and Hamas is stepping up right now and the indications not -- that it will. I get more violent in the coming hours now we've seen heavy exchanges of five between Israeli forces and militants from Gaza. Earlier today. And right now we hearing that Israel is preparing to expand its operations in Gaza is a lodge build up. Of troops along the border areas. Is also it leaflets being dropped -- the central and southern parts of Gaza and that will give us an indication that perhaps. That's where the next focus of this ground phase of operations. Will be -- is continuing to be significant civilian casualties. Inside Gaza. In the -- -- while an Israeli general has said that. He's claiming. That Hamas he's using a hospital in Gaza as its operational headquarters. Throughout the course of these operations -- -- gives us an indication perhaps. Of what is to come. And one of the incidents is that this morning as -- Gaza militants managed to get inside Israeli territory in exchange five with -- Israeli forces. And as a result of that some Israeli soldiers were injured his -- also been reports all -- not to fight coming out of Gaza. In the direction of Israeli soldiers be on -- Casually is mounting on both sides payments thank you. And that concludes our coverage of the two huge fast moving stories this morning stay with ABC for the latest developments right here on Of course tonight on world news -- be uncle intrigue in New York had a great day.

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{"id":24631945,"title":"Malaysia Airlines Debris Field Remains Unsecured","duration":"4:21","description":"ABC News' Kirit Radia gives an update on flight MH17 and Hamish MacDonald has the latest on Israel's operations in Gaza.","url":"/International/video/malaysia-airlines-debris-field-remains-unsecured-24631945","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}