Man Detained in Search for Missing New York Mom in Turkey

Sarai Sierra, 33, went missing while vacationing alone in Istanbul.
1:52 | 02/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Detained in Search for Missing New York Mom in Turkey
New developments in the case of a missing mother from Staten Island who vanished while on vacation in Turkey police not questioning a man in connection with the disappearance. Let's -- Sierra Eyewitness News reporter -- miles live in the -- of section Staten Island dharma. Good afternoon cancer -- here as husband and brother were acts -- supposed to get an update. From investigators this morning but that meeting was canceled because of the suicide bombing in front of the Turkish embassy there the US embassy. And Istanbul but we are getting. Reports that investigators have questioned a person of interest in the disappearance -- -- Sierra. The family tells me they are a little limited in what they can discuss about the investigation but. They say -- the investigators -- spoke to a man named Taylor and now they say he is one of many of Sierras followers on -- to -- that he follow her for top -- there. And that he was supposed to meet her. The day before she was scheduled to -- -- -- her in the direction of a bridge weren't shooting but he told investigators that she never showed up. Now -- -- husband and brother left earlier this week for Istanbul to try to find -- missing 33 year old Staten Island mother of two. Crisis is missing and they have special units out there looking favre's. People natives set out down holding pictures. Of my -- people are concerns and that just makes me feel. -- bay and -- and something just having my feelings -- scattered right now. All conflicting reports that Taylor was questioned and released were working to confirm that information right now -- also reached out to representative Michael Gramm's office. His office has been working very closely with the US embassy in Turkey and the family to try to find out what happened to this missing 33 year old Staten Island mother. Reporting live at Stapleton Staten Island -- -- channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":18377364,"title":"Man Detained in Search for Missing New York Mom in Turkey","duration":"1:52","description":"Sarai Sierra, 33, went missing while vacationing alone in Istanbul.","url":"/International/video/man-detained-search-missing-york-mom-turkey-18377364","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}