Manchester Arena bombed in terror attack

"The View" co-hosts discuss the tragedy that unfolded Monday night.
3:54 | 05/23/17

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Transcript for Manchester Arena bombed in terror attack
Self. And want to start by Samad our hearts go out to everyone impacted by yesterday's. Terrorist attack in Manchester 22 people lost their lives after bomb was detonated act and I admit. I Rihanna funding concert. And of course I assistance claiming responsibility. And you know there's so many families who knows this season we're concerts to start happen then and so you know. What needs to happen here. It was outside the the ads on Thursday yeah yes so that guests that they that would have caught up if he actually went and reminds me of when this happens at the airports because they do have good security once you're inside them. On the other side and the thing but an outside they don't so mean they have to start looking into the whole area from the perimeter yes I you know it's inches stick I. I I would I wonder about my family you know my kids want to go to these concerts I love music and and live concerts. I'm taking the train but they have describe these as soft targets and and so you wonder what do you do do you change your life as an American. And or or at as a European could this happen in England. Look forward and just outside of sudden you have madness check in Manchester so so do you change your your life and and I don't think you do because I think that's what they want. Right they want us to change who we are as a society and I remember after the Boston marathon bombings President Obama said. He said it's important to remember what terrorism violent. Extremists are trying to do they're trying to hurt innocent people but they want it inspire fear and all of us and disrupt the way we live to undermine our values. And we can't let that now have sent by grant back to the tight security. You know Alan go but I want that to make sure Iraq. Than they do everything we feel say yeah I mean CBS news was reporting that this guy was known to British authorities before the attack not waiting to hear more information about not but I think we often hear these cases and we find that there was a trail that was not followed. So first step is to follow the trail. And I think I agree with you don't want to change your life you wanna be who you why you can't let. Terrorist dictate the way you live but if we know that these are soft targets it's the responsibility to to. Telling her elected representatives no matter where you live in lottery luck that these things need to be addressed if they're saying ice has repeatedly sat. We're going after stadiums were going after sporting events we're going after pass plays his. They have to ramp up security claim that people can't protect it also take a big SUV in ram it into a booklet can't. Do you Biotech any unearthing not thinking admission that. You can't prevent everything. Because these are people that are sick. Evil awful people that have been mind set on destruction that's what you can't live in fear because and you give in to what they absorb higher can't but we can advocate for proper protection of we know that they are out there saying these areas around the world. We are common for you that it's our responsibility as look at Israeli ship you can't nets. About the security at midnight at about nine police I let you know when people you know touching new places in outlook. This is a world where and when you just hear that while you know a lot of things this really let you know you know. Any time. You have extremists. It's a problem. You now but when people tell you hey we have a hole in the airport system. Pay attention. Yet if you really high is that they're not kidding when they say there's a hole in the system it's up to us to say. We want it fixed and we're not gonna comment there and you fix and the and that's what we can and it becomes a debate about privacy often times like people feel their privacy is being different tonight and I. You can't have it both ways often times because if this is the time we live in and these are the threats that we're getting angry and sometimes you have to sacrifice a little bit of that. The line needs to be longer maybe they need to for your purse because there's no other way for these people to protect people in these off target don't you have to.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the tragedy that unfolded Monday night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"47586566","title":"Manchester Arena bombed in terror attack","url":"/International/video/manchester-arena-bombed-terror-attack-47586566"}