Manchester community comes together to honor victims

ABC News' Molly Hunter talks to college students who attended a vigil in Albert Square to honor the victims of the Manchester attack.
6:22 | 05/23/17

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Transcript for Manchester community comes together to honor victims
It happened in and hello friend and Chester I'm Molly enter and exit eighteen. Giants joining me today are more. I'm. And for continuing coverage different than last night threatening terror attack. Either my speed limit man after it not I'm an effective. Then you're the last couple years we just thought it unbelievable. Unbelievable shut your enemy. Now than about. I'll let you bring your body heat and Hudgens project and how in the season but I think Isaiah fifty. I mean we I speaking of pop but both with London coming episode Monday evening welcoming and a communal and it felt it socks it gave me. The new deal and it's like. I like. Shows on the charging. It's fun I need to fight. And I think that such as. Again I find them like south. Annie the new insight saying thank you to last night like this diet this must understand like. Yeah meaning that they might. Let's get everything lines. It was such kind of yeah I guess it's just I'm not questioning today this. She community yeah we'll deliver relief silica and see your dealer and a stranger. I think even its always open. Good directing some well it's of this would get a something in the the DNA of the. Do any. Here either went last night about out hockey night. Free ride. Everything right now back. Power company. In the dark in my high yeah in. Yeah it. Coming months analysts. Died buzzing. Everything you look at I had believe. In effect. I'm not just me. I cannot win today. And that's not have enough people like I'm not make clothes. I think it's so easy to be like. Cynical about these things and to fight in its union men and again. Then asked me in re out of content especially monster com. I didn't often. Good thing. Everything we ask not what you fastow. He now has. I was horrible. I mean we've heard so many of these attacks. In many. Maybe maybe this attack like maybe every. It continent Center City it's making money at people they actually meeting you know young people like to I'm. Then there and that's the area. He does that. Maria feel like because we didn't. CN everywhere. Some way and from the beginning my. Country. She is tonight imagine anyone could have been on. And I think it was something about the. Arianna. Into the net and giving you guys please please try to defend civilians paying top fund and tell you. The lonely. Majority. So but it's. What win. Everything will be any. Thank you guys are thinking I think you let pertaining and a lot aren't here on east. It's and obviously there olive online tickets can you aren't telling that story I'm Eileen Hedrick management.

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"ABC News' Molly Hunter talks to college students who attended a vigil in Albert Square to honor the victims of the Manchester attack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"47592163","title":"Manchester community comes together to honor victims","url":"/International/video/manchester-community-honor-victims-47592163"}