New Rob Ford Video Reignites Toronto Politics

Disgraced Toronto mayor allegedly drunk in a fast food restaurant.
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Transcript for New Rob Ford Video Reignites Toronto Politics
This is a special room. I'm tired and is in New York this is an ABC's digital special report crack smoking mayor Toronto mayor rob Ford has added another line to his tabloid -- and they caught on tape again. It's time delivering a drunken monologue at a fast food restaurant let's hear from the mayor. -- -- You know again by Lewis. -- -- here not. -- -- The aluminum and yeah. On the -- that you know you guys but I hope I swear to god and there's we know home home Leon. And his -- of the unit and friends are. But. Others. -- -- -- -- And easy it would leave there and Univision and Oliver. -- I've got one fan in their room with more now on -- reaction to what it means. Good people trust you were joining the -- by Kevin document from the Toronto star hello Evan. Hillary today I'm OK and this star had his video less than 24 hours after it was shot is kind of hard to make out what he's saying in the video since you were the first you haven't can -- translate forest and the mayor's office react money. -- about it. Yes he began by. Savaging our chief of police who is. Overseen the ongoing investigation into -- to the airport. He -- the things that will repeat but there fairly derogatory. He complained that -- five month investigation last summer. The travails of him he -- that even during its own -- -- that the police. Then he goes on to use a lot of Jamaican slaying. Profane words which are. I understand the quite defensive. When when news crew -- brought it is that video existed. This time around he was pretty quick to -- Yes he had been drinking despite promising to. Gotten -- Any substances like alcohol or drugs. And he didn't apologize and today he's pretty much played -- -- from our City Hall -- press corps. You know you mentioned he -- -- and vowed that he hadn't had a drink since November but. If anyone terribly surprised and he doesn't seem to be that sorry about it. I know -- that -- -- -- -- yesterday that his brother who is his older brother who is this city councilor it is -- stalwart ally. He immediately said that the video shot a long time ago and then his brother Kino text or an hour later and -- that was. Shot recently and he had been drinking. Whether it's alcohol or drugs depends on clear it the looks to me morally he's he's high on drugs and -- On alcohol. People who saw him at the restaurant not the in the drinking but he he certainly was sent. Finds state also present to a certain gentleman and -- and released the it was a person who has been charged by police were trying to. -- through extortion. The video of the -- -- videos that your viewers may know about. And though he's not banned from seeing mr. Lee -- it's unusual to see them chatting together at a restaurant. That -- rob Ford is certainly. Controversial and there are a lot of people who are trying to get him out of office to no avail and we -- another wild scene today outside the mayor's office. A similar -- Arab familiar scene I should say rob Ford being surrounded by reporters at a videotaped. Guys definitely -- lord here. Are you tell us about whether you're drinking yet. Clearly this is. Still big news. In Toronto even though perhaps not so surprising. That's right. Serve in -- most people were not surprised. But there were some people who who it fingers crossed so of that story it's gone away and that he would -- on himself on track. We had an ice storm recently appear perky pretty things during -- But. These did -- consensus among people -- -- to does that say he needs to get professional help and that these events will keep on occurring in our. You know world these days people -- to keep on capturing these things and and then save people -- One group try to sell it to glazed paper. Well they were talking to us -- somebody else posted on YouTube. -- -- -- -- -- competition to get one's hands on and that type of video. At this point remind us that. He's essentially stripped of most of his powers as mayor but he can still retain the title. -- can still run for re election which is doing. That's it unless he would and he was convicted of some very serious criminal offense is not banned from office. Our election is in the latter part of October and his name it's on the ballot -- was the first person on the ballot. And he that a meeting today what -- -- -- executive committee smaller group of city councilors. He used to run that he really has no powers now it. And for many people some people are just discuss it with their mothers think he's the joke and they are concerned he's. They're ruining the reputation that pretty good city. How is -- handling his reelection that is really going for is just banking on name recognition and hoping that. People find him I don't know entertaining enough to keep them in office. Why. I think his district say it annually to our -- of information laws that receipt of much of emails promote his staffers and I'm going to development noticing that. On a daily basis. They returned hundreds and hundreds of calls to constituents. About a possible outside in my tea house. The -- -- truck driver who almost read over -- sprinkler. And he personally -- those calls and that's how he campaigned it's very interesting. Most big cities I doubt that passes city of New York or Los Angeles that would have -- -- that does that this is what he does. And the people who. Get personal call for him they remember him and they vote from. How -- looking in the polls have there been told yet. Very. To two kinds of polls ones that are more scientific and he's not like it's a great in those there's little quickie polls. Where people our -- respond by pressing keep -- -- their phone. And that he runs between thirty and 35%. For re election. For us in Toronto is in many cities that the issue is who else is running against them and there's two. Potential heavyweight who knocked down there there had in the -- yet. And for those unfamiliar with -- system. Your political system does he have -- public funds for his run is he raising money. -- you multimillionaire -- -- -- -- company that has offices in the United States -- -- candidate to make labels. Very successful company. He doesn't have to raise money. And sure there'll be some fundraising going on but that's that's not a big issue and it's the very much -- you said. It's a word about campaign. Interesting for a label maker label make it quite a label of south cracks -- -- -- -- -- out. Kevin Donovan from the Toronto star -- thank you so much for joining us. And shared with that video with us seen I think needs to be just a -- this time. For all the latest on the always interesting troubled Toronto mayor's -- right here on has been at ABC news digital special report -- Hernandez in the --

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{"id":21627934,"title":"New Rob Ford Video Reignites Toronto Politics","duration":"3:00","description":"Disgraced Toronto mayor allegedly drunk in a fast food restaurant.","url":"/International/video/mayor-rob-ford-video-reignites-toronto-politics-21627934","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}