Meghan Markle backs four charities

The Duchess of Sussex announces her official patronage.
3:01 | 01/10/19

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Transcript for Meghan Markle backs four charities
Actually go to London talked to ABC's John Lott Jon James long an excuse me about an announcement from mega Markel about her charities. What do you tell us are for. Yeah hi Barton has caught a big did not see this is mega mall can Markel announcing. Four charities that she's going to be. Patron over to royal patronage. It's it's basically the biggest stamp of approval any chart to organization committee began in this country. And we hugged that she's going through page and all four of them the first is the national states the second. The association of coal wealthy universities. They are big institutions they all decisions of the queen was previously patron also she has handed over patient age and it's a sign of course. People say that said the queen is a big fond of Megan. And then the other two law come a tactical Mayhew execs off their cats and dogs. The final one which is one we are out today. Small locks which is an organization a small charity in West London which we visited today which basically helps women about a bit of a hard time in life get back on their feet. And more specifically get back into the world of walks to the Liberia's you go to this place they kick you out in the new outfit. And they also give you training to kind of get to grips and what it's like to go into first interview that if you'll successful. You get to keep bad outfit and the caps who wardrobe that they give you feel first few days in the job and take a first paycheck site. It's all about empowering women and of course is a big theme for make and it's also. An organization which. Helps a majority went on the joins even at least a law all of women from ethnic backgrounds is quite close to grant full power. I'm which of course that was something which is very close to Megan's heart when not tragedy happened just company is guys say. And this just fits all the themes that we neither Megan is it is interest in diversity and -- not impoundment. It seems heartless choices being received over there the people welcomed as they see this as an authentic reflection of who she is. Yeah I think so I mean. That if you think about the queen and did you remember prince finished they have something like 700 patronage is between them Massa lost. And really for many of them is kind of a symbolic scene of approval. Where is for the younger generation the royal family for William and Kate and now for Harry and make and they tend to choose smaller charities that actually means something to them. Time and that they want to be regularly involved than we know the Megan has spent the last GA visiting. This particular place mall works and it's something that she Kaz deeply about yet these full want to do things that mean something. We need to pit for example a national fits this is not the Royal Opera House this isn't. And national the Royal Ballet this is the national theater she specializes in kind of more contemporary productions is some go to very diverse. Cost that they often what Quinn in different productions that save made it does speak to particular strengths. And I think this can only be good for the role found need to say look this is a new member law of all business but she's doing things their own way. And she's doing things that she really casbah. Employment from London thank you some questions.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"The Duchess of Sussex announces her official patronage. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"60289257","title":"Meghan Markle backs four charities ","url":"/International/video/meghan-markle-backs-charities-60289257"}