Tens of Thousands Of Students In Mexico Protest Against Government Response To Mass Murder

Drug gang kills and burns bodies of 43 students sparking outrage and accusations of corruption.
7:47 | 11/10/14

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Transcript for Tens of Thousands Of Students In Mexico Protest Against Government Response To Mass Murder
You can. Angry protests in the capital of Mexico. After a drug gang abducted 43 college students. Killing them and then burning their bodies for fourteen hours. Tens of thousands of students demonstrating against the government and its response. To drug cartels right now the international hot fire. Host city. Over one I'm Dan muffler. Those students went missing in September 26. And police in Mexico did catch some of the gang members suspected behind the attack but protesters are still angry at the response from the government. For more I want to bring in from Mexico City men well Roy got our chief Latin America correspondent from our sister network fusion. Man well that the protest violence there the acts so horrific there. This is actually spark from the government's response to this correct. Yeah what the protesters are saying basically is that they've been. Upset at how the government has handled the case. For the past month since these students this appeared. And now they don't fully trusts. Seeing the results that the government announced. Last Friday so they want more scientific. Evidence that actually proves that the remains have been found near the studio B Lila. But those human remains actually be long to the missing students. So just to give a sense of how the Mexican government has responded to this the attorney general said. I've had enough in regard to the protest then. What happened and then after he made that comment. Well is that it had enough. Twice. Yeah reportedly is that it once when he met with the parents of the missing students in prayer written. And senate had enough of you criticizing me on her own doing this and he said it again to journalists. At the end of the press conference towards the end of the press conference on Friday. What's happened when these famous. I've had enough praise. Is that it's become. A Twitter hash tag so people are close and their I didn't outlook this. Connection between the government and corruption I've had enough about impunity in Mexico I've had enough with crime in Mexico so that Canada has become sort of a battle cry for protesters now. So as far as any kind of arrest as an eloquent responsibility from this attack. No one has you know these desert truck traffic in their organizations. They usually don't its claim responsibilities. For the acts that they committed so. You know it's not like an organization a criminal group out there has come out and claimed responsibility. It's he would see with the al-Qaeda or something like that when they commit terrorist attack. But the government does has detained drug traffickers whose who have confessed. To the crying. I love executing these students and disposing of their bodies. What families of the missing students. Are skeptical they're skeptical about these accounts and they're saying that they don't fully believe the government's witnesses they suspect there's a cover up. And they're saying that they won't stop protesting and until there is DNA evidence that actually shows. That you know these human remains that have been found. Are the missing students. The protest than if that follow from this have been going on for a while but at this point this is the largest they've ever gotten right. They keep bond get a in the you know large served by the week so yeah at this point I think. The protests that happened on Saturday it was quite large but there have also been very large protests on the eighth of October. And two weeks after that basically the way its work and it these protests are mostly led by university students in Mexico City. And the way they've been doing it is that the bigger the protests. Every Wednesday so we've had these waves of protests already happening. For the past we weeks. You know in Mexico City they've mostly been peaceful. In Guerrero states to the place word these students disappeared. The protests have being. The martyr loyalists you know they've they torched government building states that cars on fire they blocked highways. So they've been although they've been smaller and a part of the country they'd be more intense. Take them actually be getting up all of this is rather unusual circumstance where these students went missing including some clashes with police what was happening. According to the students. They went to the city of beak while Lewis whose look at about an hour's drive from their university. According that there account is that they went there on a fundraising activity. They took to buses they say that they had agreed with these bus companies that they would take the buses. They took the buses and were intercepted by police after they took the buses. And police have seat only shot at them municipal police. You know shooting to kill. Then allegedly detained the students. And handed them over to members of a drug trafficking gang that's the government's version of the investigation. Of what happens. It is unfortunate to say bit but murders and acrylic to ready by drug cartels and gangs is unfortunately not unusual in Mexico. Why has this one grabbed the public attention so much so. You know there are more than 20000 people listed as missing in Mexico so you're totally right when you say that this sort of thing happens a lot. But I think one reasons wrapped public attention is because of the scale of the case. I mean for 43 people to go missing overnight. It's something huge eBay and poor Mexican standards. A second reason that this is called public attention is because it hasn't both students. Mexico you know in in Mexico. Violence against the ordinance is something that has happened before in history. But something. In this scale hasn't happened since 1968. And the third reason I would say that they it's has cut public attention. Is because. It involves a school that has a long history. Protest activity political activism and opposition to the Mexican government's. So. You know. Since they were affected they've also. Be in the the people from this rural teachers college from a Yeltsin now but. I've been very effective. Mobilizing people around their cause it may concern at this stage in the agenda you know one of those students and spoke to said. People in Mexico disappear all the time. But it's you know one family to families that are affected when 43 families are affected at once they've had much more. Oakland capability to rally people around their cause. A large case this obviously getting mean and attention of the world Manuel row Ada chief Latin America correspondent for sister network fusion and well thanks so much appreciate that. You can keep up with the story real time by download an ABC news App Store in the story for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot I'm Dan Cutler New York.

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{"duration":"7:47","description":"Drug gang kills and burns bodies of 43 students sparking outrage and accusations of corruption.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"26816235","title":"Tens of Thousands Of Students In Mexico Protest Against Government Response To Mass Murder","url":"/International/video/mexico-tens-thousands-students-protest-government-response-mass-26816235"}